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When I push the power on button on Dell Latitude D610, the

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When I push the power on button on Dell Latitude D610, the green light on the botton goes off, the hard drives makes a few rotations, then it stops. Nothing is ever displayed on the screen. The Fan and bluetooth sign stay on.

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX will try to assist you with the issue you are having.


First question, when the computer turns off, is they battery charge light lit? It is located on the right hinge of the computer, below the screen where you normally see your clock.


Dell laptops have a built in diagnostics that I think you should run. To do this, turn the computer off. connect the power cord to the laptop. press and hold the fn key (to the left of the spacebar), then press the power button while holding the fn key. let go of the keys when you see the computer starting up. you should see 'diagnostic boot selected'. If you do not, watch the padlock lights above the keyboard (caps lock, numlock, scroll lock) and they should cycle through different sequences. If you are able to see video, the computer will go through some tests, then stop at a screen with color bars. press the letter 'y' for yes. It will continue testing through the memory and hard drive. If you see any errors, write them down, then press y to continue testing.


Let me know how this turns out, please.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The battery light is not lit


I pushed the fn key then the power botton. I didn't see any video. The only difference b/w this time when I pushed the fn botton and when I don't push the fn botton is that there is a light on the right side of teh caps lock light which stayed on. This is the one with pad lock with an arrow pointing down. I thought it might only be the screen. I pushed the enter button, nothing happens.

i understand. the padlock lights, from left to right, describe please example: on-flash-on, on-flash-flash, off-on-off

also, you do have the power cable plugged up to the computer, right?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

yes, the power cable is pluged in.


All the key pad locks turn on when I turn on the computer. However, they stay off (without any flashing or anything) after that. If I push the power botton while the fn key is pushed, the right most key pad lock stays on all the time.

Sounds like you are having some issues with your motherboard for the computer. The padlock with the down arrow being lit when pressing the fn + power is usually and indication the computer cannot activate the video.


Let's try this....turn the computer off, unplug the power cable and any other cables connected to the computer, take the battery out of the computer, then press the power button for about 10 seconds. I understand the computer will not turn on. This will drain all power from the computer. Once this has been done, only plug the power cable back up to the computer (no battery nor any other cables, please) and press fn +power again. Tell me what happens, please.


also, do you use a docking station with this computer?


what other cables were plugged up to the computer?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I don't have a docking stationg.


did what you said. Now I am in diagnostic mode. It is tellinm g durng LCD inverter detection test error code 1000-0322 was generated. msg: error accessign the LCD inverter. what should I do?

Was the computer dropped at all recently?


basically, the inverter is a small circuit board attached to the backside of your screen which links the screen to the computer. If it or the cable for the screen goes bad, you can see this type of error.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No, but the computer is not mine. The person who owns the computer is saying it is refurbished. BTW, the padlocks are flashing and the computer is beeping. Should i continue with diagnosis? How much does it cost to replace the inverter?

First, go ahead and press the letter 'y' to continue testing. It will take a while to complete. If you see any more errors, just write the error down, then press y again to continue.

as far as the cost to repair....i couldn't tell you what it would run locally to you. i will research and try to find a part number for you to call dell or refer to a local computer shop. it will take me a few mins.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

diagnostics completed with no other errors. At the end, I am getting the following message:


no diagnistic utility partition found. to run diagnostics, insert your dell "drivers and utiliites" CD. then select OK to restart the system and boot off teh CD


OK or Cancel.


I found the part online for $12 to $17. I try to find the instructions on how to replace it. Where can I find the best instructions?



it's good nothing else failed. go ahead and shut the computer off and restart. you may be able to get into windows, though you may see issues later on with your video. also, go ahead and put the battery back in and see if the battery led comes on now.


it will be a minute and i will find you the service manual with pictured instruction for it. Though, as a recommendation through experience, it would be very recommended to take it somewhere local to have it replaced. This is just a suggestion, though. It's really up to you. Give me just a few minutes and I'll have that link for you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Windows came on when the battery was not in. If I put the battery in before turning on teh computer, Windows doesnt' come on.


If I put teh battery after windows coming on, it is ok. but I don't see the battery charge button.

Here is the link for the D610 service manual, explaining how to replace the LCD screen. The inverter will be at the bottom of the page under Removing the Display Panel:


Please let me know if you have any questions. I wish I could give you a better answer, but this is all I can give you.


For the battery, take the battery out. you will see a row of dots on the bottom of the battery with an indentation beside them. press and hold the indentation (this is a diagnostic button). You will see a set of lights come on, go off, then come back on again. the lights we are interested in is the second set of lights. Please tell me what comes up for you, please.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The two right most green lighths flash the second time. As soon as I pushed the button, the three right most rights came on.
Ok. it looks like your battery is almost at the end of its life. the first set of leds represents how much charge is on the battery (about half right now) and the second set of leds represent the life of the battery (about 1/3 left right now). With the combination of issues you are seeing, you may be having a motherboard issue (again, speculation), you can have the battery tested at a computer shop or battery shop (ie...batteries plus) to determine if there is a real issue with the battery. If you have another battery or know someone who has another D610, you can test this by swapping batteries. Chances are, both are separate issues, but I can't guarantee that without someone physically testing them.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for your help. I think we are done. I appreciate if you could email me a transcript of our email correspondence.


I will not be able to send you an email, i do apologize. However, what you can do is right click this screen and click add to favorites. you should be able to always access this page.

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