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Omer, Information Systems Manager
Category: Computer
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Experience:  MCSE Certified , Degree in CMIS Computer information Systems, 7 years of work in the IT Field
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Ok Omer, Thanks for the tip on leagueplus but I just dont know

Resolved Question:

Ok Omer, Thanks for the tip on leagueplus but I just dont know what going on with them. I applied for the franchise leage, they took money but still no response from them. Do you happen to know if a second choice ? and I created a team using a draft classs. I modifed with players of my choice and I want to use this team to play others on line. What I do ? Does Madden allow that ? Every time i try to play online, I get the default team and not the modified team. Do i need to place the fra file in a special location ?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Omer replied 5 years ago.

Omer :


About leaguepulse have you tried the contact email addresses listed on the front of the page?
[email protected] this is the emergency one and probably the best one to get help
[email protected] this would be for billing issues so they should be prompt too

As far as another league option while I have never used them I have heard is a pretty good one as well
As far as loading a created team its not meant to be possible though there was a bug in 2008 where you could
Go to practice screen, load created team, BACK OUT, go to online, go to lobby, tell the room in chat to invite you to a game, when they send you an invite accept it, go to a lower rated team and sit on it, wait till the opponent says they're ready, hit "Y" to load team, load the team and as soon as it's loaded, repeatedly press "A" to choose the created team and playbook/defense

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