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How can I know that my friend has blocked me on Skype! any

Resolved Question:

How can I know that my friend has blocked me on Skype! any thoughts please!
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Carl L replied 6 years ago.

Carl L :


Here's the only ways to tell if you've been blocked as Skype does not straight out tell you if your are blocked or not.

1. Open Skype and sign in with your username and password. When your contact list loads, check the icon beside a contact's name. If a person has blocked you, the icon may turn from the gray "x" icon or green check mark to a gray question mark. This means the person isn't sharing his information with you, a sign of being deleted or blocked.

2. Click the person's name to open a new chat window and send an instant message. Since a person who has blocked you will no longer be able to see any communication from you, the message will either be returned as undeliverable or may simply be shown as processing indefinitely. This likely means you've been blocked.

3. Check the person's profile picture. If you've been blocked, you'll no longer see a personalized profile picture, but the stock Skype avatar. This means the contact has stopped sharing personal information with you.

4. Add your findings to less-measurable signs that you might be blocked, such as a sudden change in your frequency of communication with a certain person, a recent argument or fallout or simply not hearing from her for a long time. When combined with some of the more concrete signs, you can decide whether or not a contact has blocked you.

Carl L :

Hope this helps.

Carl L :

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I ask my wife to block me to check what you have said! but never got to see any of the mentioned info!


I am sorry to say this! but all is same

Carl L :

Did you try to log out of your account while she blocked you then log back in and try to write here?





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