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I can not log on yahoo mail, it will not accept my password

Resolved Question:

I can not log on yahoo mail, it will not accept my password XXXXX the answer to my security question.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  replied 6 years ago.

Ryan B. :

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Hi Im Mark

Ryan B. :

We've got several ideas to try to get around "Invalid ID or password. Please try again."

  • Set your CAPS LOCK key correctly. Passwords are case sensitive. Be sure to keep this in mind when entering your password.

  • Wait up to 24 hours. If you recently requested a new password XXXXX changed your password, this allows your account to update.

  • Sign in with the correct Yahoo! ID. Make sure that you are using the correct Yahoo! ID when signing in to your account. If you forgot your Yahoo! ID, you can search for your Yahoo! ID online.

  • Delete your cookie files. A cookie is a small piece of information stored by your browser that helps identify you. If your cookie isn't being accepted correctly, you'll be logged out of your account as soon as you move to a different page.
    To delete your cookies, close all browser windows, find the "cookies" directory, and delete the cookie files inside. To find cookies directories on a PC, search for "cookies" using the Search function in your Start menu that pops up from the lower-left corner. On a Mac, press Command-F to start Spotlight, which searches your system.

  • Clear your browser's cache. At times, it's necessary to clear your browser's cache . The cache is the memory your browser uses to store content of the web pages that you visit. Storing that content lets your browser load those same pages more quickly the next time you visit them.

If you still having problems after that then please click the link below and fill out the form to contact yahoo customer care. They will investigate the issue and get back to you at an alternate email normally within 24 hours.;_ylt=Asjeclcmh0VTzvifKXLLbqJC1CN4? product%26amp%3By%3DPROD_ACCT%26amp%3Bpir%3DVnfRH95ibUkdusX_y108QAzw5YXSIS2j2M8Cn29876EJNH93MqgrYzDrqcIWp1cT.aRCmclPC0nkiNPOXOCAb6Ls4bd0IhH4i2X2QZfFrN6VXG8liaFgrY3PIkpyUKemOX6A.hUah_rjbA--&

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