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Why does my brother printer keep jamming, it starts printing

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Why does my brother printer keep jamming, it starts printing and then just stops
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Usually, a constant jam, with no paper stuck anywhere inside, no paper clips, no debris, signals your rollers and feeders are worn out.

To give you more specific advice though, i would need to know what model of brother printer you have.. thanks!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
it's a brother HL-2040
Open the back cover of the printer and pull down the black paper guide in front of it. There you will see a little arm or guide in the middle of the plate. Using your finger move the guide gently to the right and it will click back into place. You need to move it using the rode that it sits on so that you don't break the arm. Close up the back and you should be set to go

if that doesnt work to fix the Jam, and your sure you have no stuck paper, let me know..
Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Apologies for the delay. Just to be sure there is no jammed paper in there..

could you run through the steps to clear paper jams from beggining to end, as outlined below?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
There is no paper paper jam, but the red light is on( paper light ) and won't turn off
Ok.. did you run through the steps to make sure there isnt a corner of paper in there.. a staple, a paperclip.. Ive once found a womans hair barratte in a printer.

Could youverify you ran through the steps, thoroughly..

And if so, next we will focus on resetting the error.. Thanks!
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