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4.5.3 http // answer 22839

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4.5.3 p14sm5594963wbh.47
Hi, thank you for using I am glad to assist you today.

  1. What is your Operating System, Windows XP/Vista/7?
  2. Are you using Firefox or Internet Explorer to access your Gmail?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am operating MAC 0S X 10.6
i have all my emails diverted to Entourage and use that for all my emailing,
I am able to send and receive other emails with no problem but this one, being sent to 95 people.... is it because I am sending to too many people?
What does that error message mean?

Thank you for that information.

As to the meaning of the message, the error message and code means that you have reached the sending limit for your Gmail. Also, it would mean that you reached the actual mail sending limit OR (this is important) your Gmail account has tried sending a large number of undeliverable messages. At this point, your account is temporarily blocked for anti-spamming purposes by Gmail. However, your Gmail account will be re-enabled after 24 hours. Just wait for 24 hours then try your Gmail again.

In this regard, please verify that the email accounts or addresses that you are sending the mail to are correct and that your recipients actually receive your emails since Gmail will trigger a spam if in the email that is being sent, large number of recipients are not receiving the email (bounced back mails) because of reasons such as invalid recipient address, and others.

Here is the Gmail link that has this information:

I hope that clarifies.

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