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Restored my Acer 5532 laptop to factory settings using software

Resolved Question:

Restored my Acer 5532 laptop to "factory"settings using software in recovery option on computer.Everything went well until I was instructed to reboot.At that time laptop asked for password XXXXX even gave a hint.I have NEVER used a password XXXXX this laptop ....the hint was "first car",so I tried that ...simca ....wrong password XXXXX plugged in usb falsh drive that I prepaired when laptop was purchased to reset password. When I gho through the steps I get an error message and it loops back to the begenning. What do I do now?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Anthony Brewster replied 6 years ago.

Hello, it sounds to me the re-install of Windows back to Factory Settings was not done properly, or it was a copy someone created with a password XXXXX it although there shouldnt be any. You will need to do it again.


Here is the information you need to put the computer back to Factory Settings using the Built-In Recovery Partition. If that does not work, and you did not create your own recovery disc, then you will need to order it from Acer either on the website or by phone.



This is how you put it back to Factory Settings...


1) Turn on the computer
2) When you see the Acer Logo Screen, press and hold the ALT key and start tapping/pressing F10 repeatedly
3) Follow Instructions for Recovery


NOTE: When the recovery loads you will be prompted for a password. This should have been set by you if you have been into the Acer Recovery Management software previously. If you have forgotten the password XXXXX you wish to clear the password XXXXX need to boot off the recovery disk that should have been created.


More Information


From the Acer toolbar at the top of the desktop click on the disk icon. Setup a password XXXXX requested. After clicking on setup you need to click Create Password XXXXX continue. Create a password XXXXX add a password XXXXX (strongly recommended).

You now have the option of restoring from a previous Windows VistaTM backup or you can start the Acer recovery process. The recovery is started by clicking Restore at the bottom of the window.


Further types of recovery are now presented. Choose Restore system to factory default if you wish to run the hard drive based recovery and return your Acer computer back to it's original factory default state.


Note: The factory default recovery will wipe ALL data from the computer so ensure important data has been saved to disk before proceeding. Enter the password XXXXX was previously set. Confirm you wish to run the recovery process. After confirming you wish to run the recovery process the computer will restart and restore all the original files.


Complete the Out of Box Experience when prompted. After a couple of restarts the computer will run through restoring the preinstalled software that came with your computer and then be ready to use.



Order Acer Recovery Disc



Acer: 1-800-816-2237







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