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Dustin, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 13198
Experience:  I speak PC fluently, so you dont have to! Worked in The US Army as A Network Switching Systems Operator/Controller
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Why doesnt my streaming netflix work. Ive gone through the

Customer Question

Why doesn't my streaming netflix work. I've gone through the hoops with netflix, and I've done what they suggest, turn off the system, check connections, blah, blah, and if none of those work then " contact the ps3 customer service. If someone's there, I'd like to know whats going on. Is netflix through ps3 down for lots of people, or is there something wrong with my system?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Welcome to

My name isXXXXX am one of the experts who will assist you today!

Ive got my PS3 in front of me.. And netflix is working fine..

Question.. can you use your pc , and try to connect to netflix and let me know if it works ?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Not really. Its my Husbands PS3, and my husbands computer. He's an IT as well in the Coast Guard. But, hes in bed. And I'm LESS than computer or PS3 savvy. So, I wouldn't know how to 'use my pc', and it's his netflix account. I just stay up late and watch documentarys on the netflixs steaming. Thats all. Not New releases, or HD stuff. We usually are able to get into netflix, but lately its been junk. I'm wondering if it has to do with the recent downage of the PS3 network.
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
A little while ago.. I would have said. Yes. ts due to the downage of the ps3 network.

But that issue has been rectified.

Lets try and troubleshoot the issue together..

Question.. when you turn on your ps3 .. and then select netflix. at what point does it not proceed?

and what error message does it show on screen?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It just wont let me in strait up-"We're unable to connect you to Netlix. Please try again later." bottom left corner of "try again" screen- says 400. Ive tried -again- like 37 times. Our Netflix account is paid and up to date. We can get online w ps3 fine, and my internet connection seems to be fine as well.
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Follow the steps below as a first step.

  1. To do this, select Settings from the Playstation 3 dashboard, and scroll down to Date and Time Settings.

  2. From the Date and Time Settings menu, select Set via Internet.
  3. You should get a confirmation that the date and time set were completed. And the date and time will now be correct

Now. try netflix again.. any luck?

If not. we can try something else..
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It' says date and time set compleated, but the time is an hour behind. Should I try set manually? Or is it okay that the time is an hour behind. The time on the system has been an hour behind for months and hasn't seemed to be an issue, but if it is then cool. Easy enoug fix. But, system time is an hour behind, is that going to be a kink in your fix it plan? On to something else...
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Hmm.. it said it was set correctly?

Ok.. try netflix.. if it doesnt work. go back in and manuall set the time to what it should be.

then try netflix again. let me know what happens ... and we will go from there!
Dustin and 5 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No dice. But, I am rather impressed with my fiddling with the system I know jack about, so, whats your next plan. I kinda wonder how the date and time would have much to do with it at all anyway. But like I said I know Nothing about computers, giggs, bandwith n such. Your dealing with a complete laymen. Sorry. Still willing to help?
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Of course im still willing to help..

Let me explain the last step first, for curiousities sake..

If the time is wrong on the playstation, then when it tries to access some online servers, they wont sync.. Since the time is wrong... ( this is actually an issue that has its roots back in the Y2K issue of yonder years)

ANyways.. you fixed that issue .. So..

Next step.. Is your ps3 connection wirelessly? Or do you have a long cord going from it to the router?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ahh, Y2k, havn't heard that in a while. Guess that makes sence.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ahh, Y2k, havn't heard that in a while. Guess that makes sence.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Whew, I made it back to you. I've never chatted with anyone on the computer before. I'm 28 yrs old, and just set up an email, and facebook and don't know how to use either, not really sure I want to either. But I thought I wouldn't be able to fing you again after pushing the wrong button. But, yes, its a router. So, what should I try now?....
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
You made it back! Great job.. Was worried about you..


you mentioned its a router.. but you didnt mention.. if you have a long cord going to the router?
Or if the ps3 is connected wirelessly ?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ummm,...Long cord? I think? Lynxis (god I cant spell) router. There are Large orange cords, gray cords, um, a few black cords, and I think a bright blue cord. Does that help you at all? My Husband has talked me through how to reset the rouder and the little tiny virticle box with blinky lights- that might be the rouder for all I know. Man, Im so clueless. Im like 98% sure its not wireless.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Did I lose you?
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Im still here.. was brewing a pot of coffee..

Ok.. question..

you have a wireless router. yes.?

do you also have a modem.. the first box, that either the cable cord is pluged into if you have cable internet..

Or.. that the phone cord is plugged into if you have dsl..

can you locate what im reffering to.... thanks!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you for being so patient. Geeze, I even mady you resort to another cup of coffee. No DSL, Nothing is wireless, everything has cords coming out of multiple plugs in each little box. Linksys router, and motorola modem. And yes, I do belive that the cable cord is pluged in the modem. I could locate it, if I knew which color cord is the cable cord.
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.

YOu should only hve one cord. going from the playstation 3..

Right now.. It should be plugged into the linksys..

INstead. i need you to plug it into the motoral modem.

( you will lose internet untill you plug the motorola back into the linksys)

While you have the ps3 pluged directly into the motorola

turn the ps3 off and on. Then. try netflix..

What happens?

once you test what happens. Then..

connect the cord from the linksys.. back to the motoral modem so you have internet on your computer again.

Now, i think you understand why i made coffee!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Oh, Boy. Maybe I need coffee. Theres like 57 wires back there. I'll try to follow your instructions. Whats the worst that can happen? I mess up my mans PS3 for a bit. I'm sure hes compitent enough to put it all back together again after I scramble it. here goes nothin...eeek.
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Good luck!!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yeah, I can't do this. there's soooooo many wires back there, not to mention the new surround sound system he just installed. All the wires are tangled together. I wish I could send you a pic of this mess. Has he ever heard of zip ties? Plus my new 800$ sony hd tv is like 52 inches. I cand get back there, not without breaking something. What about Unpluging the jacks from behind the modem and rouder? Would that maybe work? Thats what he walked me through before. If I try to ge back there I run the risk of knocking th massive tv over, taring wires from there systems, and then this girl wont have a tv to even watch tomarrow. Too scared. Of course, this unplugging of cords he guided me through was to get our internet back after a brief power outage, which isn't whats happening now otherwise we wouldn't be able to have this convo.
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Right.. I understand your dilemna..

Ok... if you dont mind. Id like to go into a remote support session with you..

That way. I can log into your computer. and talk to you through our secure chat function.. also.. I want to test and see if its the ps3, router, or the netflix account..

This will save us a lot of time.. and help bridge the experience gap were having..

would you be ok with trying this method of support?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Wait, I think I found "that cord". Its blue. Of course theres other cords attatched to the linksys-router-. and the modem... Um sure, I'm cool with remote. Is this all going to cost me an arm and a leg? or are you an extreem hacker, about to give our computer a massive virus, or get all our files, identity theft, blah blah. I have no experience w this stuff, Im weary.
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
I understand you being weary.. If you look at my profile history. You will see i have worked at this company for two years..

I wouldnt do anything unethical, and if i did.. I would no longer have a job.. Im more of a , counter hacker.. I only use my computer knowledge for good!

Ok.. to get started.. click the link below.

Accept the terms.. Then, install the elsinore software.. Then.. click join

Then, send me a message saying I have joined!

Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
It shows you as selected on my screen.. If your having any issues joining.. Let me know.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok, this is like the 5th time I've tried to find you to thank you. I gave you extra gratuity because you were extremly helpful. I think your on to the next computer problem, or maybe your machine crashed, or you passed out. Who knows. Thanks. Post my praises on your behalf. Have a good night.
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
ARe you still here?

That would be an internet crash actualy!

If you want to reconnect. i have a new link
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yeahh, and it's late. Are these your normal working hrs? Crazy. Anyway, figured it musta been a somthin, cuz the ghosting stopped abruptly. That is the tech savviest I've ever been, and with a complete stranger. It was a blast, and megga helpfull. So, did the tv get fixed by you too, or coinscidence?
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Is the netflix tv working as well now?

Hmm.... I didnt do anything to fix that.. but maybe,.. Just logging into the account manualy helped get it running again..

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hey. Its PS3 dumb dumb here.... come back....?
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Hello, and apologies for the delay. I was off work for a few days.

Just logged in and seen your messages..

Whats going on ?

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