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my acer aspire 6930 is stuck in startup repair from a bad update..

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my acer aspire 6930 is stuck in startup repair from a bad update.. I do have original version of windows (pre-installed, no disk) and I cant even get to the desktop or safe mode. I have tried everything i know.. please help! f8, f5, nothing works.....

To resolve the problem, you will need a installation disc OR repair disc for Windows. The model number of the system suggest that, you have Windows Vista installed in the system (if you are using a different version of Windows, let me know).

As, you do not have the installation disc, use the following steps to create a repair disc from a working computer:

A Create a Vista Repair Disc using the steps mentioned in the following link from a working computer

B After creating the disc, you need to start the affected computer from the disc (press F2 to enter CMOS setup and change the first boot device to CD/DVD drive OR press F12 during startup and select the CD/DVD drive from the list of boot options, and press Enter)

C Once it starts from the disc, first try to use Startup Repair. The following guide will describe the procedure

If it fails, start from repair disc again and try to use system restore:

Please note: To download the ISO image file for the repair disc, you need to use a torrent client like BitTorrent

1 First download and install Bitorrent

2 Once BitTorrent is installed, open the following link

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the appropriate file (depending on the version of Vista present on your system, 32 Bit or 64 bit)

3 If you get the option to Save or Open, select Open with BitTorrent

4 Once the file is downloaded, you need to burn the image file to a CD using an image burning software. If you do not have one installed (on the working computer), download ImgBurn from the following link

(In the window that opens, click Download Latest version at the upper right corner to start Download)

If you get the option to Save or Run, select Run to install the program

Then use ImgBurn to burn the ISO image file to a blank CD

Start ImgBurn

Click the option Write Image file to disc

Under Source, beside select a file..., click the first icon


Select the ISO file you downloaded with BitTorrent

Then insert a blank disc in the CD/DVD drive and click the Write icon (at the lower part of ImgBurn window)

It will burn the ISO file to disc


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
hello again,, it is not starting from the disk.. when I went into f2, and I changed it to start with boot disk, it told me that the operating system could not be found...
Please check the disc you created from a working computer. How many files are there ?

If you find only one file in the disc then it is not properly burned. You need to use an image buring software to burn the iso image file to disc

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok. I got it to boot from the option to press f8, but when i do, it does not beep and then it goes right back to start up repair and keeps telling me it cannot be repaired. When I put the disk in, I tried clicking repair, it did not repair, it took me to the repair screen and I had to reboot... (same problem).. when i clicked on install it told me that it could not be found. (Yes there are more than 1 file on the disk)
What am I doing wrong?
I think you are doing it correctly, but some critical system files are damaged which is preventing it to launch startup repair Or start windows.

Do you have any important files in the system ?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
some... but mostly memories...
Most Acer system comes with an inbuilt recovery partition. If the inbuilt recovery partition is intact, then you can use the inbuilt recovery option as follows:

1 Turn off the system

2 Connect AC adapter (if not connected)

3 Turn on the system

4 When you see the Acer logo, press and hold Alt key and repeatedly tap F10 key

(you may need to try this key combination couple of times. As soon as the system start and you see the initial startup screen, press and hold Alt key and start tapping F10 key repeatedly)

If the hidden recovery partition is still intact, it will start Acer eRecovery. From there you can restore the system to factory defaults

In most cases, it will list two options:

1 Completely Restore System to factory defaults (it will delete your data)

2 Restore Operating System and retain user data


If you select the second option, your data will be saved and the system will be restored to factory settings.

If Alt + F10 does not work, then it will indicate that the recovery partition is either not present Or corrupt

In that case, you will need to use a recovery disc to restore the system. You can get a recovery disc from Acer using the following link and then restore the system from recovery disc

If a recovery disc is not available for your system, use the following link

Select Acer-> Laptop-> Aspire

Then select your model numbber and opearting system

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am in the acer erecovery mgmt.. it does not give me an option to pick anything... there is no pull down menu.. it turns blue & white, but there are no drives to choose from... on either the backpup point and the source drive...???
It will only backup your data which is present under the documents folder and copy it to the C:\Backup folder

After recovery, you need to open C drive and open Backup folder. If it able to copy the data properly, you will find it here.

However, if your data is very important, that you can not loose, I think it will be better to copy the data manually and then use the recovery option.

To copy the data manually, you need to take out the hard drive from the system (at the back of the system, you will need to take out a cover to access the hard drive)

Then connect the hard drive to an USB hard drive enclosure and connect the enclosure to a working computer.

Once you do that, you will be able to access the hard drive as an external hard drive. Now copy the data from the hard drive to your working computer

Then connect the hard drive back to the system and use inbuilt recovery option

The following link will provide some idea about hard drive enclosure

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Im sorry, but I cannot get into the computer, even to recover the files manually.. How do I get into safe mode? (I have an external hard drive...)(i might have someone who could help me remove the hard drive)
Starting the system in safe mode will not be possible as the system fails to complete startup repair.

Here is the link for the service manual for the system (PDF version)

The steps to take out the hard drive can be found on page 69

Here are the steps to manually copy/backup your data

A Get an USB hard drive enclosure (available at most local computer shops)

B Take out the hard drive and connect it to enclosure

C Connect the enclosure to a working computer and take a backup of the data

D Then connect the hard drive back to the system and use inbuilt recovery option as follows

1 Turn off the system

2 Connect AC adapter (if not connected)

3 Turn on the system

4 When you see the Acer logo, press and hold Alt key and repeatedly tap F10 key

Once eRecovery starts, select the first option "Completely Restore System to factory defaults"

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you for being so patient... i just removed the hard drive, put it into another Acer computer and it gave me the same problem... unable to repair startup... does this now mean that the hard drive is bad?
If you connect the hard drive to another computer, you will notice the same problem. The problem is with system files which are required to start windows. When you put the hard drive to another computer, it will try to start from the hard drive and fail because it is the system files in the hard drive which are damaged.

The hard drive is probably okay.

To get data from the hard drive, get an USB enclosure


Connect the hard drive to this enclosure. This link will provide more details

Goto a working computer and connect the enclosure through an USB port.

Once you connect the hard drive to this enclosure, it will be like an external hard drive.

Once you backup your data, take out the hard drive from enclosure, connect it back to the laptop and start the system. Then use inbuilt recovery procedure (Alt + F10)

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok.. i am not going to tear apart my 2tb hard drive. I just ordered one.. i am going to take all your advice and copy/paste it to a doc. and hopefully I can get my computer running, even if i have to do a factory reset... Thank you for your patience and all your help.
You are welcome.

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