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Ryan B.
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Canon mp470 Paper output slot jammed

Customer Question

Canon mp470 Paper output slot jammed
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Ryan B. replied 6 years ago.

Ryan B. :

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer~! My name is Ryan and I would like to assist you with your question.

Ryan B. :

Turn the printer on its backside and used a thick cardstock paper to feed it backwards.The key is to turn it on its back and feed the cardstock backwards.

Customer :

How do you feed the card stock past the rollers? I'm not even sure where the correct slot is.

Customer :

Ok - I wasn't able to feed the cardstock backwards all the way, so instead fed it forwards, grabbed it from the inside of the printer, and moved it back and forth to see if anything dislodged. After turning printer off/on, still get the same message - Error - Paper output slot jammed. Also paper feed mechanism slams back and forth.

Ryan B. :

try a full reset:

Instructions to change the machine back to its default settings.

  1. Press the <Menu> button.

  2. Use the right or left cursor to select [Maintenance / settings], then press <OK>.

    Note: This procedure is skipped if your machine is in Scan mode. Proceed to step 3.

  3. Use the right or left cursor to select [Device settings], then press <OK>.

  4. Use the up or down cursor to select [Reset setting], then press <OK>.

    Full Size Image

    The above illustration will vary by model.

  5. Use the up / down arrow to select [Yes] on the confirmation screen and then press <OK>.

  6. Press the <COPY> button to return to the COPY menu.

Note: Changes the settings back to the default (factory settings), except for the language for LCD messages and the position of the print head.

Customer :

I understood that I would receive an email when you responded (which was 8 hours later). I didn't hear back from you so I contacted Canon customer service.

Customer :

I no longer have the problem, so I would like a credit for the $38 charged to me.