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My Outlook 2010 wont let me delete an empty folder, stating

Resolved Question:

My Outlook 2010 won't let me delete an empty folder, stating the folder is full.

If I look at my Outlook PST file (in explorer) size = 1,404,689
If I look at the Folder in Outlook (Data File Properties - folder size ) Total size = 843797
If I run SCANPST.EXE if finds 100 folders (no clue how the count is acchieved)
My Outlook1.pst has 70 - if I count everything I see under Folders in Outlook (incl. journal, pocet mirror, search folders - which I have no clue what they are or use)

The purpose for all this is 1) I would like the empty folders deleted and 2) I was using Mobile Me to synch.... contacts synched great but the calendar never was sucessful, so I quit using what I thougth was the ME calendar in Outlook, used a Work calendar for several months, then decided I was tired fot the mutliple calendars in Outlook; turned off ME and then lost the calnedar that I had been using (which never was in the ME cloud, so I thought it was an Outlook calendar and was safe to turn off). now I need the work calendar back, I am an accountant and used the calendar for my time.... So to find it I thought my PST file needied repairing and can't still seem to find the calendar.

I have had my PST file since 2000. It is an ANSI fille and I have had UNICODE errors popping up and did not know what they were from, think that is why I turned of Mobile Me.

I also keep numerous PST folders of client emails on my hard drive in a separate folder from my main PST.

Any suggestions where to start 1) cleaning up the PST file and 2) finding my lost calendar. OR do I just try to start over with a new PST in Outlook 2010
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.

Please read: Remember to return and click the Accept button ONLY once your issue is resolved. If the first answer does not work, just REPLY to me and we will continue.

My advice, simply create a new PST and use the import wizard to pull the data to it.

Here's why, the old style PST has size limitations and a lot of inconsistency in general. The new form of PST (2007+) supports like 20gb or so. Where as the old one supports 2gb.

By creating a new pst, then importing the data, it should not import the empty files. If it does, after doing the import, THEN run a repair on the new PST which should be successful.

As for the calendar, you may not be able to recover it, it all depends on how the import and scanpst process pans out in the end.

Also, another thing, you can try a compact which will empty out the stale files. (right click the PST in outlook, click properties, click Advanced, click Compact Now).

WARNING THOUGH, please be sure you backup the current PST before doing a compact. I'd still recommend doing the IMPORT first so you have a functional PST of the newest version first and then, if the file sizes aren't accurate still, do a compact.

To do an IMPORT. Just create a new pst. Go to file, info, account settings. Click the Data tab. Create a new pst. Change the default location to that PST from now on.

Close and reopen outlook. You can now right click, close your "old pst".

Then you can import, going to file, open, and use the import wizard to import all the data into the new PST.

One issue you may have, if you're running POP, is if all your mail is server side, you'll get duplicates. So be sure its not already all saved server side (if it is, you won't need to import all the email, likely just the contacts).

Let me know if you run into any trouble via reply. Thanks.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
In order for me to close the old PST file I had to reconfirue the email to fall into the new PST file, so all the emails for the last 2 months are falling in again; is that what was inteneded?
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.

Like I said, you may get some duplicates. I don't know how much of your email is stored server side.

Once its finished updating from the server, then you can start the import. Its not terribly difficult to delete duplicates you get. Once finished, you can then do the rest of the steps (import the old PST into the new one).
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
2736 emails.... they will all fall in the INBOX since the rules are not working... then I could just delete them all? (Shift -Delete) and then start the import?
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
So these are emails that are already in your old pst right?

I wouldn't DELETE them, just in case. I would MOVE them.

Highlight them all, right click, move to folder. Move it a folder like "tempbackup" and THEN do the import.

Wait until they're all finished downloading of course.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

QUESTION on your instruction: 'Then you can import, going to file, open, and use the import wizard to import all the data into the new PST.'


Import, I will select the old PST, and choose all folders/subfolders - allow duplicates / create new folders?

Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
Yes, allow duplicates is fine, since you're moving all that email in the inbox to a new folder.

Ideally we're trying to get the identical PST copied over into this new PST.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I suppose this new PST is UNICODE and the old is the ANSI.


Maybe after all this the Mobile Me might work too? Have you wokred with MobleME?

Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
Yes, I have.

And I can't stand it (personally). And the behavior of your old PST should not bleed over to the new one, so yes, its very likely mobileme will "work" with the syncing.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

??Can't stand Mobile ME & Apple products?


How would you suggest keeping a calender when on the road? Paper? which is about what I've resorted to.

Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
I can't stand Apple as a company. Though that doesn't mean their products aren't of high quality.

In terms of keeping a calendar that moves, I use gmail that syncs directly to my droid devices (xoom, evo) using IMAP, not pop3.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

If I under IMAP - this only applies to the emails not the calendar appointments. Should I swith all over to IMAP?



OOPS - got this message : MIcrosoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close.....


Restarted, all emails are in.


should I do a scanpst.exe before I go further?




Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
No, check the file sizes first. Are they correct now?

Can you delete empty folders? Etc.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
the current PST file that just had all the emails (2744) drop in is 305,553. there are not imported folders yet
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
Might take awhile depending on the size of the import.

As long as you checked the option to duplicate/create folders etc the folders will create.

Unless it says the import is already finished?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I did not start the import. Outlook shut down on the email imports....


How did my rules get in the new PST file and one emply calendar folder?

Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
Because the import partially started.

Attempt to import once more.

This time, do it while inside safe mode outlook.

Close outlook, go to start, click run type outlook /safe and hit enter. Attempt the import again. If it fails, you have some serious data corruption in your OLD pst.

You may have to open it in outlook and manually copy the emails you want over to the new PST.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I'm running the import now.... to late for the safemode


But on the rules and calendar that are in the new PST, I did not start the import. Did these transfer over automaitally when I created the new PST data file?, Becuase somehow the new data files knows my email address, and I suppose it is still a POP3.


Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
The rules are set per profile, unless configured server side.

The Calendar shouldn't have imported yet until the PST has been imported unless the calendar is also server side (though pop3 will not download it, only IMAP).

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

? server side? this woul be my email provider - and no the rules are not there, just in OUTLOOK. the server side is pretty plain.


I think Outlook2010, reads the old pst file more that we know.


the import is almost complete

Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
I was wrong anyway, the rules may be saved in PST's I guess now (years back they weren't, they were stored in a separate extension).

Outlook's import process isn't much different than 2007/2010, nothing special about it really, just faster.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

ok - import done.


can delete emply folders. progress!!


the old missing calendar did not show up.


do you think I'm SOL?

Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
Likely, it seems there was some fairly serious corruption (as indicated by all the size descripencies and the inability to remove folders).

I know its tedious, but I would just work out of the new calendar/new pst you have.

Furthemore, its pretty easy to backup (you can use that import wizard, but export instead to backup now and again). You can do this with contacts, email files, etc. Pretty much anything within Outlook.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes - I do make the backups of the PST - but this one calendar was somehow linked to the mobileME, but not in reality or else it would be in the cloud.... and I was hoping it had cached on the hard drive somewhere....


I have several old PST and I could import just the calendars, will create many duplicates, but I can clean up . I really want just ONE calendar.


i am tempted to turn Mobile Me back on and see if the missing calendar 'pops' in.

Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
Oh that might have been the mobileme calendar, which is a separate calendar created specifically for mobileme as that's how its done now.

Not entirely sure whether it will appear again but it makes sense that it would disappear if mobileme was removed from the loop.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
that calendar never left my computer to the 'ether' of the interent or my phone... so I assumed it would be on my computer somewhere
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
It would be in the PST.

Calendars are stored with the pst just like contacts, etc.

I can't tell you why it would disappear the causes very including just deleting the calendar. Mobileme could have removed it, or the database (pst) file could have been that corrupt.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Justin - thank you for all your time! I will work on repopulating my calendar and just move forward... Ann
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
My pleasure. If you have been satisfied with my assistance you may click Accept now. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your evening.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
west cost - another 6 hours of work hours...