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Viet - Computer Tech
Viet - Computer Tech, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 37844
Experience:  Ten years of computer support. Microsoft MCP & CompTIA A+ certifications. Windows 10 8 7 Vista XP etc.
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Hoy do I restore my dell laptop to a previous day without going

Customer Question

Hoy do I restore my dell laptop to a previous day without going intro the xp operating system?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Viet - Computer Tech replied 6 years ago.

Viet - Computer Tech :


Viet - Computer Tech :

What is the brand and model of your windows xp computer?

Viet - Computer Tech :

What is not working on your computer?

Viet - Computer Tech :

Can you login your computer?

Viet - Computer Tech :

Do you have the windows xp / recovery disk?

JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : Dell laptop, had a virus, can't acres programs, yes I can connect to the internet
Viet - Computer Tech :

Let's try the following:

Viet - Computer Tech :

Please try this: turn off your computer. Then turn it on, and right after the black screen with white text or the computer company logo disappears, press & release key F8 repeatedly until a menu appears, then you select Safe Mode with Networking (note: if there is no menu, then try the same steps again, but this time, press key F8 a bit earlier). Then login and click Start->all programs->accessories->system tools->system restore and restore the computer to any date before this issue has occurred.

If that does not work, please go to Safe Mode with Networking again, then click below and click on download now, to download and install the anti-malware software. Then scan your computer:

Viet - Computer Tech :

Please let me know how it goes.

JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : Ran the malware but still ww
JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : Wont system restor
Viet - Computer Tech :

Did the scan find anything?

JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : Yes it said 22 items
Viet - Computer Tech :

So now if you open any program, what happens?

JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : When I go to programs the only program there I'm malwarrebytes
Viet - Computer Tech :

That's strange.

Viet - Computer Tech :

Can you go to Start->Control Panel->User Accounts and create a new account?

JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : Lokk
JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : Looks like I can
JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : Sorry ttyping on an I-pad
Viet - Computer Tech :

it's all right

Viet - Computer Tech :

Then restart the computer and login the new account and see.

JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : Won't let me add an
JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : New account, it my work computer
Viet - Computer Tech :

What happens when going to Start->Control Panel->User Accounts->Manage another account?

JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : Can I go into the dd
JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : Dell system and restore?
Viet - Computer Tech :

If you can.

JACUSTOMER-mn1n8xvf- : Which pf key do I press during start up
Viet - Computer Tech :

Ctrl and F11 when you see the dell logo appears

Viet - Computer Tech :

1 Turn on the computer.

2 When the Dell splash screen appears during the computer startup process, press and hold <Ctrl> and then press <F11>. Then, release both keys at the same time.

3 In the Dell PC Restore by Symantec window, click Restore. Alternatively, press <Tab> to highlight Restore, and then press <Enter>.

Viet - Computer Tech :

If that does not work, then you need the Windows XP / Recovery disk, which you can get from Dell website:

Viet - Computer Tech :

Please let me know if you have any question later. Thank you.