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Dustin, Computer Support Specialist
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I am trying to restore my Quickbooks data backup to my new

Resolved Question:

I am trying to restore my Quickbooks data backup to my new computer but it will not let me. When I go to file, restore, choose backup file QB is asking for files with file extensions of QBW or QBB BUT all my backup versions are QBH so it will not restore. My old computer was using VISTA and my new one is now Windows 7 does this have anything to do with it. Also, I did get an earlier message saying my QB version was older so I updated it and I still can't use my backup files.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Welcome to

My name isXXXXX am one of the experts who will assist you today!

The old version you was using, that made all the qbh files for backup.

what version was it?

and also, do you still have acccess to the old vista computer withyour quicken data on it?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

My old laptop crashed, hard drive, motherboard, etc. so I do not have access to anything on it. The operating system was Vista, the new one is 7. The QB program is Quickbooks PRO 2010 and I am using the same program, although I had updated the QB to R6 and when you install it is R2. Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but when I purchased QB Pro 2010, all my previous data was used on a very old system and I had to go through different steps to restore it. The backup files I have now are from 2010 and really shouldn't have to convert. Also, when i re-installed my QB Pro 2010 on my new laptop, I had to call QB for a validation number. Anyway, hope that helps

Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
This does help..

question, are you sure they are qbh files and not one of these

  • QBW = QuickBooks Primary Data File
  • .QBB = QuickBooks Backup File


  • .QBA = QuickBooks Accountant's Copy File (May also be a .AIF [Accountant's Impot File])
  • .QBA.TLG = Transaction log file (for accountant's review copy)
  • .QBM = QuickBooks Portable Company File (for version 2006 and above).
  • .QBI = QuickBooks Crash Roll Back File
  • .QBX = QuickBooks Accountant Transfer File
  • .QDT = QuickBooks UK Accountancy Data File
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Absolutely sure!! that is why I am frustrated, I am aware of all the other type of exts. Of course, when I did the backup, I didn't look at the file ext. since QB said I have a successful backup.


Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Apologies for the delay.

can you right click one of those files, left click properties, and tell me what type of file it calls itself.. thanks!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Quickbooks Company Backup file

Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Apologies for the delays..

The backup files you have. are they on a cd , a usb drive?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have them on a external hard drive |(Trekstor), a usb thumb drive and I have a file saved to my desktop.


Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Ok,, lets try this first

follow all the steps below, to show all hidden files

once done. Look in the locations you made quicken backups, and see if we have any new files besides qbh..

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Do I do this tutorial on my external hard drive files
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Once you tell the computer to view all hidden files, it will see them whether they are on the hard drive, the usb , or the computer itself.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Dustin, I followed the instructions for viewing hidden files and it appears that the QBB files are there however, I tried to restore and now getting a" Problem- QB cannot open this company file because it was updated to a new QB maintenance release other than the one you are currently using. This file was last used with release R6 and you are currently using R2. Solution - update your copy of QB by clicking on update now OR restore the backup copy of this file that was made before the file was updated. To do this click Continue, then restore a backup file in the no company open window.

I did both - no updates are available and I get the same Problem message when I try to restore.

Sorry for this long reply, but thought it would be helpful to know everything. I have some thoughts about my next step, maybe I need to restart my computer to ensure the updates are done? My only big concern about that is that I lose my connection with you and I have no idea how to get you back. Also, is there a way to print out our entire conversation? Cheers!

Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
We are almost there!

we found the qbb files, all we have to do, is install the r 6 update

Please click the link below.

download the update. once downloded, double click the file to install it. once it says its finshed installing..

restart the computer. you will now be able to restore your qbb files

if you get stuck, let me know

To get back to me..

Come back to

On the top right, click login. use the same email address you used to ask this question.

Once logged in.

On the top right click on my questions. And you will see our question listed there.

Simply click our question, and send me a response!

Please click the green accept button to show I have assisted you.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I clicked on the link and I get a blank page. Sorry Dustin, not quite finished with you yet hahaha
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Lets try again. i just tested the link and it works

click here

now, it should bring up a file download box, if it does not, look near the top of your page, does it have a yellow bar warning you about downloading the file?

if it does, click the yellow bar and tell it to download the file
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Nope sorry but no go. Just a blank page. I do get the yellow bar and I click on download but still nothing. Could it have something to do with my newly installed Norton ?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Wanted to keep you up to date on my situation. I was finally able to restore my backup by trial and error but the steps I believe that helped me (other than your other great suggestions) were:

I kept getting the problem message that my newly installed QB version was version R2 and I was trying to restore backup from version 6 so I updated to V6 but I still got the same problem and kept denying me to restore. When I opened QB, it showed an update to Version 7 but I had hesitated downloading this because I thought I only needed V6, but I downloaded it anyway. It still didn't let me restore because the company file I was trying to use was a read only. I unchecked the read only and this time everything worked.

Thanks so much Dustin for your knowledgable suggestions and support. I truly believe that you helped me get to this point finally and I probably would have had the most frustrating time with the support group at Quickbooks. Keep up the good work.

Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Apologies for the delay in getting back to you..

I didnt see your message on the 16th, and i just signed on today..

I see you was able to finish the last few steps of the procedure..

( The link i sent you , which you couldnt get to download, was for version 11 of the update. )

And changed the qbb files from read only..

Is there anything else i can help you with on your backup issues?

If not...

Then Please click the green accept button to show I have assisted you.

If you still need assistance, You can reply to this message at any time.

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