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I cant get subtitles on my instant play neither on my computer---nor

Customer Question

I can't get subtitles on my instant play neither on my computer---nor on my Sony Media Player. I called Sony and they said their device can do the subtitles if Netflix would broadcast them like Hulu does.. This would be very good for people like me who are hard of hearing. Can this be done??
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Adam replied 6 years ago.


Hello, I am Adam, I will be happy to help you.


Please try my solution first and ONLY click Accept if it resolves the issue, otherwise reply and we'll continue.

Subtitles Now Available for Some Titles for PC/Mac Viewing

This is Neil Hunt, Chief Product Officer at Netflix. As I promised last year, I'm pleased to report that today we have enabled closed captioning for some TV episodes and movies that you can watch instantly on your PC or Mac. Although it's a limited library of content with subtitles available - about 100 titles - we now have released the technology and we will be working to fill in the library over time.

We have similar technology working in the lab for some of our game console, Blu-ray, and DTV platforms, which will roll out in releases starting this fall, along with support for 5.1 audio.

It's a start, with much more to come. You can try it for yourself with most episodes of "Lost" Seasons 1-4.

Expert:  Adam replied 6 years ago.
Pretty much every movie page on Netflix tells if the DVD has CC/subtitles. For example, if you look at the page for "V for Vendetta" then scroll down, the left column says "Closed Captioned" (with logo) and it also has English, French, and Spanish subtitles. If you look at the page for the new "Star Trek" movie, it says it has English subtitles, but it does not say Closed Captioned.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am hard-of-hearing and need subtitles. I can get them on most DVD movies under SETUP. But I don't get that option with Netflix Instant Play. Please tell me how to do that and I will be satisfied. I need to know how to do it with the Sony Media Player and Sony told me their device can do it. I need you to tell me how to do it with your Netflix Instant Play. Just tell me if it can be done, and how to do it with the Sony Media Player.

Expert:  Adam replied 6 years ago.

With netflix instant play you need to look for the Movies that have CC built in.


I'm sure everybody been rants that Netflix never offer Closed Caption (CC) on streaming That would waste our time to wait up to 3 days via snail mail. Sure, we want to be equal as other people where we can watch instantly.

However, when I hear the news about Netflix app is available for video consoles: Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 3 (PS3). Rumor been told there have subtitle. I hardly believe that. So, I decide to see in my own eyes. Lucky, as the Netflix account holder, I able to make the access to see what's like. I have been play around with several. I find it very simple setting.

After download to my friend's PS3, I'm shocked, that is CONFIRM there is subtitle optional. So, is Wii, too! (SAME WITH THE SONY MEDIA PLAYER) Make sure the sony media player has CC enabled when you start a movie with CC built in.

BUT.... there are very limited like concept as iTunes that you would have difficult to find movies that offer subtitle. At least, that's start!

I still have to complain on both PS3 and Wii version as I compare. PS3 have excellent size of subtitle but poor outline that make difficult to read where the bright area motion/object are. For Wii, text with drop-shadow make incredible to read-able. But the size is narrow small. It's more like I want to sit closer to my HDTV until I'm blind. Oh!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am 73 years old and really need subtitles because of my hearing impairment. I do not know (or want to know) anything about Nintendo, Wii, Playstation PS3, or other devices. I was given a Sony Media Player, and need a protocol to get the same subtitles I can get on almost every DVD movie that Netflix Instant Play offers. That is why I am asking you this question. What is the procedure to get to SETUP on these movies and how do I select SUBTITLES with the Sony Media Player? It's late now, and I have to go to bed. I'll get your answer in the morning<span class="text-15-black">. </span>Thank you.
Expert:  Adam replied 6 years ago.
The movies have a CC by them that have subtitles. There is not a huge Selection of these movies.

"On Titles with Subtitling added, there is a new button on the same line as the stars/rating/year/length called "Subtitle | Audio". Click on this to turn on Subtitles (also option to switch from spoken English to another spoken language such as Spanish, when available)"

"Sadly, there is currently no way to search on Subtitles through the catalog, other than looking through each one. However, here is a list of Netflix Instant watch titles with English Subtitles that I (and a few other users) "

Copy and paste that url and it will have a list of movies on netflix with subtitles.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I copied and pasted the url you gave me and got a message: "Page Not Found"
Expert:  Adam replied 6 years ago.


Click the link, I am on my computer now and I can link it.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for the info on the nmcacastblogsport site. I had been aware of it and two other sites for Instant Watch Netflix Movies with Subtitles I got from the ALLDEAF site. Finding the movies is NOT my problem. My problem comes when I find an Instant Watch movie with subtitles from the Netflix offerings, I can't get the subtitles to play when I run the movie on the Sony Media Player. It doesn't let me select any subtitles, it just starts the movie without showing the start page where you normally get to choose either PLAY MOVIE, or BONUS FEATURES, or SETUP, or SCENE SELECTION, or COMMENTARY, or AUDIO OR VIDEO OPTIONS, or SUBTITLES. This is what I need you to answer for me -- How do I get the Netflix Movie subtitles to play on the Sony Media Player??
Expert:  Adam replied 6 years ago.

Did you try hitting the INFO button when you normally hit select to select the movie.


I will need the model number of the Sony Media Player? to find more detailed instructions.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The Model Number is: SMP - N100. I've tried using the Subtitles button on the remote. It does nothing.
Expert:  Adam replied 6 years ago.

Found the answer, it is not a great one either!


"sony SMP-N100 can not display subtitle of .vob file . All WD multiplayer & the multimedia players of the other smaller company can do that . Sony have to release new update to fix SMP-N100 ."

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This is not what I was told by Sony customer service. They said the SMP-100 could indeed perform the necessary display of subtitles and already does it for Hulu and U-Tube and others. But they said the problem is with Netflix and gave me Netflix's number. Also Netflix said it could be done and refered me to you at Just Answer - since I was obviously getting the runnaround by being in the middle of Sony & Netflix. Is this quote you displayed from Sony or Netflix or who? Needless to say, I am not too satisfied with this answer since I'm right back where I started with my original question.
Expert:  Adam replied 6 years ago.

WOW what a mess, I am so sorry for your luck in this situation. I pulled the comment from a customer who wrote a review online. I would just take the thing back and get a roku box. Roku box is by far the best way to get Netflix steaming (I have roku, apple tv, ps3, xbox 360, wii, TV with built in netflix) Out of all them the roku box blows them away.



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