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Dustin, Computer Support Specialist
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My printer says USB cable not connected. I do not know what

Resolved Question:

My printer says USB cable not connected. I do not know what the USB cable looks like nor which port(s) to connect it into.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Welcome to

My name isXXXXX am one of the experts who will assist you today!

is this a brand new printer that you are trying to hook up?

And also.. Whats the name brand and model of the printer.

( by the way, the usb cable, is the cable that connects the printer, to the computer)
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My printer is C4280. I have a MacBook computer. I have been able to set it up the past two years during our two month stays in our condo in Naples, Florida.

I had two cables connected from the printer. One is a black cord with a black box on it that is plugged into a 110-120 volt outlet. The printer comes on and I was able to to print off an "alignment page".

I have a second cable (I think is a UBS cable). I bought this two years ago since it is 14 feet long and enables me to reach the closet where I keep the printer. It is a plastic encased covering silver threading. I guess a wire is inside it. I have two ports on my computer where it fits. I have tried both. Both have a symbol like a trident or the Greek letter psi, , but not exactly. I have the other end connected into the printer. That end is rectangular. It fits into a printer port. I have not tried to insert it different ways since I am always concerned about bending the wires and connectors.

I had this printer working the past two years we were in Naples.

Bob Moore
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Thank you Bob. YOu have no idea how refreshing it is to get a lot of details, as details are my eyes and ears to help you fix the issue.


So i take it, you currently have the usb cord ( you mentioned the correct one)

Its currently connected to the mac, and to the printer, and the printer is turned on..

And its giving you the not connected message on the printer itself? correct?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Your summary is correct.

Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
Ok, At any time after you moved, was it working? Or did it act this way as soon as you set it up?

Basically im asking, how long ago and what was going on at the time when the equipment stopped functioning as it should..

( moved from one room to another, power failure, etc etc)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The printer was working fine during our last stay in Naples. I disconnected the Mac and printer when we returned home to Shaker Heights. I did not connect it in Shaker. We use a PC there with a different printer.

I packed up what I had taken to Ohio and returned to Naples three weeks ago. The computer worked and the printer printed off an alignment page. I was delighted.

I had the printer on an eye-level shelf (as last year). I did not see the "No UBS Message" which probably arose at that time. I have gone without printing out any E-Mails for three weeks, much less documents I type.

I did not see the ink cartridges when I looked more deeply after three weeks. I bought two new HP ink cartridges yesterday from HP and received them today. When I went to install them, I already had two cartridges in the printer - one black and one color. In hindsight I should have realized that I had ink if the printer could print the alignment page.

Anyway, the new cartridges are in the printer. I have the printer at a lower level so I can easily read the "No USB cable connected" error message.

Once again, the alignment page has printed.

The message box said to scan the alignment page. I put the alignment page on top of the glass to be scanned. That is when the error message appeared.

I just had another thought. I did not try to print anything with the alignment page removed.

Good news! I just tried to print our conversation and it printed all three pages.

Maybe after I heard the printer scan the alignment page, it was all set to go - but leaving the page in the printer may have prevented printing of E-mails.

In my opinion, HP should not have given me a "No UBS cable connected" message. It should have said something like "Page in Scanner" or better yet, "Remove page from scanner".

I think my printer "may be in business again" after its three page successful printing.

So, I solved the HP erroneous error message by removing the alignment page from the scanner.

As a former management consultant, I helped companies solve problems often by listening to them. Ditto as a CPA. So, assuming my other E-mails will print, my problem is solved.

In my opinion, HP should not charge me the $38 because HP sent what seems to have been an erroneous error message.

Please advise.

Bob Moore
Expert:  Dustin replied 6 years ago.
As long as the issue is solved, and you solved it on your own.. Then im satisfied Bob..

If you need anything else in the future, let me know! For now...

I have forwarded your refund request to our customer service department.

If you want to contact them directly, you can go to the link below.

have a great day!