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my Toshiba laptop P305-S8996E has a black screen with a blue

Customer Question

my Toshiba laptop P305-S8996E has a black screen with a blue box saying enter password, but i tried it but didn't except password. I hit the F2 button and got a grey screen with lite blue border with password XXXXX and on the bottom of screen it says enter accepts and under that it says Esc Exit. Can you help me please?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  bill replied 6 years ago.
Hello, Thanks for using JustAnswer
Unfortunately the only safe way to reset the bios password XXXXX XXXXX send it back to the manufacture. Because laptops store their bios passwords different than pc so they cannot be easily erased in case they are stolen they will never be able to be used unless unlocked but the manufacture. This is done in the hopes of being able to recover a stolen laptop. Also it helps protect from unauthorized users from accessing data, and it is required by the government for mobile devices to have this feature to protect the device. It is really for the users own good. If this were not the case some one could steal your laptop pull the cmos and reset the password XXXXX have a nice shiny new laptop.