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Charles A. Roberts
Charles A. Roberts, PC Tech
Category: Computer
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Experience:  2 year degree from ITT Technical Institute.
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My laptop only charges when its turned off. Do I need to repalce

Customer Question

Recently, my laptop only charges when its turned off. But when its on, it clearly is connected correctly as I can see the blue light around the port where it is connected, however it does not charge at all. Do I need to replace the AC adapter? It's a Presario F700 and I have had the charger for 3 years now.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Charles A. Roberts replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for choosing I will be glad to assist you today. When it is turned on and you have the computers adapter plugged in what is the status on the battery charging indicator?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
There is no indication of it charging, it just does not respond at all to the charger.
Expert:  Charles A. Roberts replied 6 years ago.
The charger is actually built in to the motherboard. The indicator light on the computer I am guessing does not respond as well when it is turned on?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
That is what I meant, yes. It only comes on when the laptop is turned off and the charger is plugged in. So I am sure it is not the battery.
Expert:  Charles A. Roberts replied 6 years ago.
I agree with that it's not the battery now there are two things this could actually be that is causing the issue. Either the power supply meaning the adapter is not sending enough charge out to the motherboard to do it's job correcty or the motherboard is having a problem with doing the charge and running the computer at the same time. One other thing you have not updated your bios or made changes in there or anything like that have you?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No. I have not made any updates or changes to it, it only started doing this recently and I had not made any changes to it. I did try using other plug sockets as well to see if that made any difference but it was the same result.

Will I be able to contact you again at a later time or will I have to pay again? I am afraid I am using a public computer for this job.
Expert:  Charles A. Roberts replied 6 years ago.
Yes you will be able to contact me again. I will say that you can try two things sadly I do recommend you taking it to a computer shop to test the charger and motherboard as well. You can try replacing the adapter meaning charger and if that fails the motherboard is either going to have to be replaced or repaired. One of these two things are causing the problem I recommend trying the power supply first if you are going to go that direction. You don't have to pay again. But I will be here to answer further questions and to help you with this issue.

Edited by Computer Tech on 1/28/2011 at 5:23 PM EST
Charles A. Roberts and 3 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Alright, thank you very much for your help, I do have one more question. I am looking up adapters on Amazon and I found what seemed like a suitable replacement, it has the same power cord as my recent one so I will asume it will work with my f700, however out of all the comaptible laptops its for it says Compaq presario C300 C500 C700 V400 V500 and more compatible part numbers 409843-001 380467-003 402018-001 381090-001 371-790-001 417220-001, is this a wise choice for a replacement because I wish not to order it and find it does not fit, but it come up when i searched for chargers for my brand of laptop.



Expert:  Charles A. Roberts replied 6 years ago.
All of those models will work with it because it is based on the same motherboard and laptop design with the exact same power requirements. It is safe to order it. You can look around if it would let you have a better piece of mind but it will fit.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Ok, thank you so much for everything. When it arrives, I will check it out and make sure it works, if not, I will take your advice and go to where I orignally brought it from (PC World) and have it looked at there. If it does work ok, I will send a reply letting you know how it turned out.


Thanks again for all your help! You guys are great!

Expert:  Charles A. Roberts replied 6 years ago.
Hey no problem anytime Have a great day
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I should mention, earlier today, I tried the charger again, of course to no avail. But, I decided to see if it would charge if I put the laptop into sleep mode. However, when I did, the light in the bottom left corner which indicates if the laptop is charging or not, started flashing on and off every few seconds, but I saw the little green light on the charger box thing where all the power is stored itself started flickering quite dimly in time with the flashing charge light on the computer. Of course, this could mean nothing at all, but I felt it might bbe worth a mention to see if this could prove it was the charger or not. I'm not sure if I also mentioed I have had the charger for 3 years and have used it quite a bit, could this also be part of the fact it is not working perchance?
Expert:  Charles A. Roberts replied 6 years ago.
It is a great possibility if that light on the charger is dimming that means it's not providing enough power to the computer to charge it and run it. Yes I would replace the charger first.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am starting to gain more hope it is just the charger, after letting it charge for a few hours, when the battery died, I loaded the laptop and saw it had only reached 45% after 8 hours, my workmates agree it is the charger, so hopefully witha little luck it should be fixed on monday.

But, if this proves to be false and the motherboard needs replacing at a pro shop, how long would this take? Would they need to send it away?
Expert:  Charles A. Roberts replied 6 years ago.
Usually they would be able to fix it there depending on the parts. Just to let you know that power cord is actually called the power supply. The device that actaully switches back and forth and determines or not of the battery needs to be charged is actually in the motherboard. If the power supply is failing and not enough power is getting to the computer then it will fail to charge and run at the same time.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Oh really? Thanks. The adapter should arrive tomorrow. No change with my currunt one, except it keeps flickering now and then.

I'm sorry for asking all these questions, I know its your job to help, but I feel kind of greedy, but I just wanna make sure I'm making the right choices, for my next question is, I know all my data is stored in the hard drive of my laptop, but is it worth backing up all my data should I need a new motherboard and the laptop needs to be fully restarted? Of course it might not, but I just wanna make sure instead of going in without being prepared.
Expert:  Charles A. Roberts replied 6 years ago.
Changing the motherboard will not make you loose your data at all. The hard drive is the data storage device not the motherboard you have nothing to worry about on that part.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Just to let you know, my new Charger just arrived and thankfully, this problem has now been ended, it was the charger the entire time that needed changing and not the motherboard.

Thank you so much for everything, mate. I am very happy with the service you provided and the patient answers to the many questions I stowed upon you were excellent and helpful. Thanks again for everything! Get yourself a beer or something tonight, you earned it.

: )
Expert:  Charles A. Roberts replied 6 years ago.
lol thank you so much I am glad the problem is now fixed. You enjoy and have a great day.

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