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Engineer John C.
Engineer John C., Computer Science Engineer
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Experience:  Computer Science Engineer with 10 years of experience in Computer Support, and Microsoft, A+ and Cisco certified
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Im trying to use the Ricoh Aficio C2550 printers at my office

Customer Question

I'm trying to use the Ricoh Aficio C2550 printers at my office from a Mac OSX 10.6 and the machine keeps printing pages and pages of postscript garbage.

I've found that I can use a generic PCL driver and print black and white, but that's not going to cut it.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Engineer John C. replied 6 years ago.
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Hello, I am John Cappucci, Computer Science Engineer. I will be happy to help you.

Ok, please follow all the steps below:

1- Go to apple icon on the upper left corner of your screen

2- Click System Preferences

3- Click Print & Fax

4- Right click your printer on the left and select "Reset printer system"
Note: If right click does not work, press and hold the control key on your keyboard and then click the mouse button.

5- If your printer is still listed on the left select your printer and then click the minus (-) button to delete it

6- Restart your Mac, BUT PLEASE FIRST BOOKMARK (add to favorites) THIS PAGE SO YOU CAN COME BACK WITH ME AFTER THE RESTART, and click Accept if the issue is solved (that's the only way I can get paid for my effort. Thank you).

7- Go to and click on "SAVE" to download the newest Mac OS X10.6.x driver for your printer

8- After the download is over, install the file. (double click it to start the install)

9- Try to print

Please let me know if the issue is not solved clicking the "Reply to your expert" gray button, so we can continue troubleshooting. DO NOT click Accept if you are not positively satisfied.

If I helped please scroll down and click the green Accept button for me to be paid :-) (even if you have a subscription or a trial membership)

Thank you

John Cappucci
Computer Science Engineer

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4- Any bonus will be greatly appreciated

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I've proceeded through step 7 of your instructions, but now I'm stuck. The Ricoh printer is not listed in the default list of available printers.

the only way I've been able to get to it is by entering it's IP Address via the IP tab. When I type in it's IP Address it recognizes it as the Ricoh Aficio C2550 and automatically selects the right PPD. I tested it and still get Postscript garbage. Is there a particular protocol I need to select: IPP, LPD or HP Jetdirect socket?
Expert:  Engineer John C. replied 6 years ago.
You should be able to select PPD.. if no luck try with LPD or IPP, and last with HP.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
LDP and HP Jetdirect socket result in the postscript errors I described earlier. IPP pauses the print que and prevents anything I send from going through.

Any ideas?
Expert:  Engineer John C. replied 6 years ago.
I will opt out so any other expert can try to help you.

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Thank you