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Error: 0x87160139 Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) was working

Customer Question

Error: 0x87160139 Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) was working fine until I updated my computer on 12/23/10. One of the updates included “Windows Live Essentials” which was supposed to “upgrade” WLMM. Now, whenever I try to save a movie created in WLMM, little yellow error signs show up in place of the video that say the movie can’t be saved as the file might be corrupt or is not a recognizable format. The only formats I have used are .AVI and .MTS. Both formats were taken from point and shoot cameras, have worked fine before the windows update, and are basic video formats that a video editing program should have no problem recognizing! I have not renamed or moved any of the files. Windows Help discusses “missing codecs” as being the problem for Error: 0x87160139. These codecs were not missing before ran the windows update, and even the help guide says there is no way to tell what codecs are installed and which are needed, and that the computer should automatically update the codecs once a new format is found. Related to the codec issue – Prior to the Windows Update, I was able to open .RAW pictures on my computer and can no longer do so. And when I try to download the .RAW driver, an error message comes up saying ”the operating System version on your computer is not supported by this program. The set up will now close.” So clearly a technical error occurred with the Windows Live Essential Updates that effects file format capabilities. I am able to save my video within WLMM. Sometimes when I watch it, it plays fine. Other times, it will show the yellow errors and will play a blank screen. The clips that have errors are completely random – it is not always the same clip. Some days it will say clip Y has a problem - the next day clip Y is fine but clip X has a problem. When I try to save the entire video to a DVD or outside source, the yellow errors pop up and it says the movie cannot be saved until the corrupted files are removed. Again, it’s totally random which clips are “corrupted” each time I try to save. It seems this problem is a technical error within the Windows upgrade and is not something that can be fixed by the consumer. Will this problem be solved with the next windows update? I have spent ongoing MONTHS on a project that is completely gone to waste until this issue is resolved! What needs to be done?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer

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