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WildTangent game app says "error downloading" kstatus failed

Resolved Question:

Windows 7 WildTangent game app keeps showing "error downloading" kstatus failed message.

WildTangent support is no help, I have tried EVERTHING they have suggested.

HP, Norton and Verizon did not help either. What do I do?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  CompuGeek replied 6 years ago.

Let's start by trying to download the WildTangent game again using the following tricks.

You'll first want to download and install the Games App visit the website, and click the "Games App" button on that page to download the Games App. The Games App will make downloading and unlocking all of your WildTangent games simple. To download and install your games through the Games App, please follow these steps:

1.First, start the Games App and go to the "Find Games" tab inside the Games App
2.Find your game on the list provided, and click the "Try Free" button next to your game.
3.Once the game finishes downloading, the "Try Free" button will turn into a finalizing button.
4.Finally, once it is finished installing, the button will turn into a button that says "Play". Click "Play" to launch the game and start playing.
Once you've finished that, if you have purchased a game unlock code, you can then unlock the game. click this link

Please be sure that the antivirus program is disabled till the game gets installed.

JACUSTOMER-04oja7vt- :

I have already tried that several times, I got this info from WildTangent - the game starts to download and then I immediately geta box that opens and says error downlloading - kstatus error.

I have disabled my firewall - uninstalled Norton, and I keep getting the same download error. I was able to access their games until I upgraded to Verizon's 4G broadband card - Verizon has checked everything and is pretty sure they are not to blame.

Wild Tangent just suggested to try Verizon 3G, which I did and I still get the same error. I need further support

CompuGeek :

I want you to download and run this tool trojanremover as you run it on the system the computer should boot after the tool runs the scan.

Then try to download the game again and tell me the status

JACUSTOMER-04oja7vt- :

I did as you asked and I still cannot open the game. It starts to download and then I immediately get the download kstatus failed error.

CompuGeek :

Try to run windows update one time and then install the game one more time.

JACUSTOMER-04oja7vt- :

I have run updates, restored my system etc.etc. Nothing I try allows me to download the game or the game app. WildTangent sent me a CD which my system would not download.

CompuGeek :

You may have to run a windows 7 repair reinstall in which it will install the missing of damaged windows files and will not erase or delete your personal files.

let me know if you have the windows7 disk handy then i will give you the steps to follow.

JACUSTOMER-04oja7vt- :

I don't have the Windows 7 disk - the program came with the laptop - can I call HP and get a copy of the disk.

CompuGeek :

yes you can call hp and get the disk

This is 100% a windows issue other wise there we have tried all options which might have been preventing the program to run.

JACUSTOMER-04oja7vt- :

I just visited my neighborhood coffee shop which has WI-FI and everything is working perfectly, so I can only surmise that Verizons 4G broadband card is the issue - FYI.

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