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My computer hangs on mouse right files, programs

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My computer hangs on mouse right files, programs or explorer...desktop or subfiles.
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My name isXXXXX am one of the experts who will assist you today!

How long ago, did you notice this issue?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Two to three weeks, problem has been intermittent.
Thanks.. Are you noticing any other issues, strange popups telling you are infected and asking you to but / download programs.. anything else unusual?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No, we had an attack on 11/21 which Microsoft Essentials caught and stopped, but the problem had already happened before that.

Seems like, something slipped through.. this is normal with any antivirus, no antivirus is completely effective, or everyone would use it.. Ok..

Heres what we need to do then.

Please go to the link below and download the free version of malwarebytes.

the file name that will download is called mbamsetup.exe

Click Download, and then click save.. It will download and save the file..

Once downloaded, Run the file we just downloaded to install it..

Once installed,, Start malwarebytes ( it will be a M icon on your desktop)

Have it do a fullscan.

Let me know if it finds any infected objects.. Then, send me a list of what it found, and go ahead and have malwarebytes remove thoise files before you close malwarebytes.

**note** if you cant download this file on the target computer we want to fix..

Then, download it on another computer, then transfer it to this computer via a usb memory stick, a cd, or any other means you have at your disposal..

If you run into issues, let me know!

To get back to me..

Come back to

On the top right, click login. use the same email address you used to ask this question.

Once logged in.

On the top right click on my questions. And you will see our question listed there.

Simply click our question, and send me a response!

Please click accept to show I have assisted you.

If you still need assistance, You can reply to this message at any time.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I followed your instruction and ran Malwarebytes in a full scan. It found two problems as follows: ROGUE.AntiVirus2008 and Adware.Starware. Both were Registry Key type problems found in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ folders. One was stored under Starware322 folder and the other under Microsoft\Windows and buried way deep. These do not appear to have fixed the problem; however, I haven't done a reboot since removing them.
You have to restart the computer after removing them..

The rogue antivirus, could have been causing the issue.

After restarting the computer, if your right click is still slow..

Let me know.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
After restarting the computer several times the right click is not simply does not work and it hangs the computer. In observing the performance screen...the hang sucks up virtually all the main memory. Under Processes, the program that was right clicked appears to be accumulating memory. For example, if I right clicked on a shortcut that used Explorer, the Explorer.exe begins sucking up memory. Same for any other file or shortcut. The hourglass will not go away, until the computer is restarted...nothing else will work. The virus scan was not helpful in solving this problem.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
During the last hour, I've tried some other stuff...the right mouse click does work from within a window. The correct menu comes up and I was able to use it. Perhaps this isn't clear; if not ask me more questions. It still does not work from desktop or within folders.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I've continued to try to isolate this problem. Steps I've taken:

1 Created a test folder on the desk top with two items in it. A text document and an Xcel spreadsheet.

2. From the open folder, I highlighted the text object. When I try to right click the folder hangs...when I try to close the folder the message comes back "This program is not responding" I then force the close and send an error report.

3 HOWEVER...the same thing happens happens when I try to delete or print the file when it HIGHLIGHTED from within the folder. It hangs. I can e-mail it, copy it, move it but I can't print or delete it. I also can't open the "file" portion when the file is highlighted. I'M DOING IT FROM A TEST FOLDER TO AVOID HAVING TO REBOOT LIKE I DO WHEN I'M JUST OPERATING FROM THE DESKTOP.

Thank you for your hard work and diligence, you did some great testing..

Ok, we need to go into the registry ..

Click start, click run, type in regedit

Now, click on Hkey , Classes Root.. Then, we need to locate these keys below.

To navigate a key, each word between the \ \ is a folder.. So for the first key, you would click on Hkey Classes root, Then double click *, then Shellex, Then Contectmenu handlers..

When you get to context menu handlers, right click the folder, and rename it.. Keep it the same name.. Just put " Old " in front of context menu handlers..

That way, we arent deleting the reg settings, just getting them out of the way.

Rename all the keys below the same way described above.

HKCR \*\shellex\contextmenuhandlers Files
HKCR\AllFileSystemObjects\shellex\ contextmenuhandlers Files and file folders
HKCR\Folder\shellex\contextmenuhandlers Folders
HKCR\Directory\shellex\contextmenuhandlers File Folders
HKCR\<ProgID>\shellex\contextmenuhandlers File class
HKCR\Directory\Background\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers Desktop

Once finished. Ideally, You should be right clicking..

Let me know if you get stuck, or let me know what happens.. Thanks!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I was able to edit all the contextmenuhandler files except <ProgID>, I couldn't find a folder under Hkey, Classes Root with that name. I went ahead and tested without changing the one I couldn't find, and the Right Click worked fine. I was able to delete a file from my test folder. HOWEVER, and this is a BIG WHOOPS; THE COMPUTER HAS A "HESITATION" THAT LASTS FOR MANY SECONDS, NO MINUTES FROM THE LEFT CLICK AND A RESPONSE. HELP??? WHAT DID I DO?
Ok.. we did just rename them correct?

( congrats on the right click working.)

Question.. did you only change the context menu handlers?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes, I put Old in front of ContextMenuHandler on all the ones I could find. Coudn't find <ProgId>. I ONLY changed context menu handlers. The hesitation in between left click and response is not on all actions. Actions from the toolbar appear to be intstant as does opening some files. Others hesitate, and it stops after I do a drag and drop, folder to folder. This is something brand new.

Ok, got you..

Were not in bad water yet.. Since we renamed them to old. we can simply remove old from it.. and it will be the same registry key it once was.

But I dont want to do tha yet, untill we isolate which key, has effected your actions..

You say its only after you drag and drop?

For now, restart the computer.. Is it still having that issue?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
OK, Restart did not help. In fact the situation got worse and I had to do another reboot. I'm observing the "performance Meter" and it appears to be the same situation I reported before. The explorer.exe process and the MsMpEng.exe process seem to be consuming all the cpu, so my mouse click request can't be honored. Consequently this may not be a new problem, but the same problem manefested differently. Does that make any sense?
Yes, it does make sense..

Ok.. lets go back into the registry.

This key.

HKCR\AllFileSystemObjects\shellex\ contextmenuhandlers

it should have a new contextmenuhandlers key in there..

along with the oldcontextmenuhandlers.

Delete the new key.. and then, rename oldoldcontextmenuhandlers to


What this is doing, is replacing the new key, with the old key..

Then.. once done, test .. any better?

if not, we will keep going through the keys, and renaming them untill the problem is fixed.

When we find the one key, the one key that fixed the left click issue. Stop there..

only rename one key at a time, as its the only way to narrow down which one is causing the issue.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Whoops! I just went to the Registry Editor, and there isn't a "New" contextmenuhandler should I just go ahead and rename the OldContextMenuHandler?
Just seen your message..

Heres what we have to do.

The new one.. Is the one we dont want.. delete it

dont close registry editor though..

Because, we want to now rename the OldContextMenuHandler to just plain old,


that way, the old key, takes the place of the new key..

Only do one of these sets at a time.. then test your left click..

Just one set.. let me know exactly which one fixes the issue..
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This is so strange...I removed the Old from contextmenuhandlers on the first one: AllFilesSystemObjects, and the characteristics of the problem change once again. The system failed in BOTH right and left click, i.e., the process explorer.exe accumulated Megabytes of memory up to about 1.08 GB and then reduced back down. At about 50MB of memory consumption the system responds. As you can imagine this takes some time so sorry it has taken me so long to respond. As of now this one is back to Oldcontextmenuhandlers just so I can respond. Should I go ahead and change the others back? I'm almost afraid to, since this change caused such a weird response.
Question.. I need you to be specific.. because.. The registry is a very , danger filled area to change things in.

Please be very specific.

Did you delete context , and then immediately rename oldcontext, to just context?

And did you only do one set at a time, and then test your left right click?

or , did you not delete context, and then.. simply rename old context?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
As I told you before, there was no context to delete. Just the oldcontext, which I'm in the process of renaming back to context, so far with no good result, I've done three of them. The first one caused right click to fail, so I renamed it back to oldcontext, just so I could keep going without restarting the computer. The next two, Folder and Directory, have not helped left click, but when it fails I have to wait while the process cycles up to as high as 1.5 GB of memory consumption and then cycles back down to avoid doing a restart on the computer. Am I going about this wrong? Should I be doing a restart each time? I'm really out of my element; however, I can now make left click fail consitantly and if I'm patient explorer.exe will cycle up and back down.
Your going about it the right way..

Patience is the key here..

And yes.. we do need to restart after each one because.. Thats the only way it will erase the old registry settings, and load the new..

So go ahead an restart.. ( im sorry this is such a lengthy process, but.. fixing an issue, instead of just reinstalling windows, can sometimes be tedious!!)

Your doing good.. And were in the right area, doing what we need to do, even if your out of your element!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have renamed all of the oldcontext back to context except one. The one under AllFileSystemObjects. When I changed it back the right click failed. The intermittent problem with left click remains. In fact it is hung right now when I tried to open my test file. I took one more step and physically disabled the backup drive, I am suspicious that our problems with left click and right click may be connected to this drive. I did not help. Nothing is running right now yet explorer.exe and System Idle Processes are consuming 100% of the CPU. Is it alright if we discontinue for tonight and take this up again tomorrow?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have an 8:30 am cst appointment tomorrow, so it will be afternoon before I can get back to this problem.
Apologies for the delay.. We can continue tommorow..

Just send me a message when your ready..
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well, I'm back! I'll review the symtoms: 1. With very little provocation explorer.exe goes unstable. 2. If we wait for it to settle down everything runs fine. "settle down takes two to three minutes. 3. Right click is now working fine, but it is with HKCR\AllFileSystemObjects\shellex\contextmenuhandlers renamed to oldcontextmenuhandlers. When I rename it back, right click fails immediately. 4. This is all going on with the progam Rebit disabled. 5. All the other contextmenuhandlers have been returned to original name. Enough? More questions? Anxiously awaiting your reply.
This is all going on with the progam Rebit disabled

Not sure what this is.. Do you have it installed on your system?

is your computer, completely backed up by chance?

And one more question, forgive me if Ive already asked..Do we have a windows xp cd??

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Rebit is the program that automatically backs up the hard drive. It has an irritating way of kicking in when least wanted or expected, and causing us to slow down; therefore masking the real problem (of course it could be the "real" problem). Yes, the C: drive is completely backed up on a WD 1TB hard drive...the last restore point was 1pm yesterday. That's when I disabled it. The bad news is, it is "mirror image" software, so any problems is backed up with it! I learned this the hard way when our C: drive failed and I restored it "warts and all". No I do not have a windows was preinstalled on this computer; although, this hard drive is partitioned, and it is available on the D: drive. I don't want to contemplate doing a full reinstalltion...I'll just buy a new computer and port Pat's stuff over!
I didnt want to do a full installation..

But,, A repair installation.. ( which only replaces windows files, aka .. registry settings)

A repair installation may do nicely in this situation..,

Im hesitant to keep tinkeriing any more.. because. the registry isnt acting very stable as is..

We changed only the files for the context menu.. ( right click) It should not have effected left click at all. That tells me, something is amiss..

( Yes, i know, that assumption, doesnt take a lot of brainpower on my part)


Theres something im wondering.. try this...

Go to your control panel, users,, and create a new admin windows user account..

Once created.. shut down the computer, then log in to the new admin windows user acccount..

test left and right clickers.. Are they working now in the new, admin profile?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Wow!! The new user ran like a bat out of hell, and I could not make it fail. It works fine. What is that telling us?
That your original windows profile is corrupted, plain and simple..

( the new user, builds a brand spanking new registry , and thats why it ran like lightning)

What I would do.. Is use the old user account, like a storage building.. As long as you dont log into it, it wont get any worse.. But just like a storage building, your files , programs, etc..

Will be there, and you can access them from the new user side..

( to do so, on the new user, you would go to start, computer, c drive, users, and then..

pick the folder for the old account,, all files are available to the new user, no matter what profile they are on.. )

Now. As I suggested before,, Im very hesitant to go back to the original user, and start messing more with the registry.. The only thing i would do.. As a last step on trying to fix this issue..

Is to copy the ntuser.dat file from the new account, to the old account.. But..

I dont want to possibly, throw on the last straw to break that camels back..

I think its best just to use the new user, Since its running so much better..

And then, transfer what files you need, or just access them from the new side. And use the old like storage..

But I will leave that call up to you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Good thinking...Thank you so much for your help! Two final questions before I hit "Accept Answer"

1. You have been very helpful so how do I rate you, and more important how do I tip you an additional sum for all your help?

2. Do you have a suggestion for backup software to replace Rebit which we can back up per our schedule (like when we're sleeping)?

Just about done here,


I will go over the easy part first..

Once you click accept answer, it goes to a new screen.. Where you have the option of leaving negative, neutral , or positive feedback..

Also, on that same screen, it gives you the option to leave a tip..

As far as backup software.. I have two suggestions actually..

The ones I like. Are to backup personal files. ( they give you 2 free gigabytes of storage, without having to pay .. I know that isnt a lot.. but if lightnight hit, and fried your computer and backup hard drive, youd be happy you had 2 gigabytes of priceless photos, or business documents, whatever it is you stored)

So The first piece of software , is its very intelligent software.. For instance, if you tell it to backup your word documents folder.. And you make a change to one document,, it will backup that document again.. Just so you have a new copy.

The other piece of software I really like..

Is Acronis True Image..

This is more of a disaster recovery software.. It doesnt just back up your documents, photos, programs..

It makes a restorable image, that if your computer died, you could just, restore the entire inage windows included..

here is a link to mozy for online storage..

And here is a link for Acronis True Image..

if you have any further questions.. let me know..

In the future if you need anything you can ask me specifically your questions at my profile link on Just Answer..

Make sure to ask the question through the box on my page, and also, Start it with For D.Sandlin Only
Dustin and 3 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you