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Tom K
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I just booted Rosetta Stone and got a 2125.......Database

Resolved Question:

I just booted Rosetta Stone and got a "2125.......Database is out of date and could not be updated......." I have been using the software for two or three years now and had no serious problems. What to do??? John "Jack" Stoudt
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Tom K replied 6 years ago.
  1. find the tracking.db3 file in your appdata folder (for windows 7 its C:\programData\Rosetta Stone\tracking.db3 (hidden folder) and rename it to tracking.db3.bak
  2. Restart the pc
  3. launch rosetta stone (all your progress has been lost now)
  4. close the rosetta stone application
  5. rename tracking.db3.bak to tracking.db3
  6. Launch the application again and here you go, you can use it again



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