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I have an IPad, an IPhone4 and a computer. I installed my

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I have an IPad, an IPhone4 and a computer. I installed my Mobile Me and Synced it. The result was 3-4 & 5 of each of my CONTACT LIST on each product as well as on my CALENDAR. In other words it made a mess of the two things on my computer I live by every day. I took it to the Apple store. They told me to manually put my CONTACT LIST back in order by eliminating all of the extra entries, which I have done. Now I get a warning "box" saying Mobile Me saying it cannot sync the lists because there are too many conflicts. How can I get it to sync just one of each CONTACT. And if I go back and manually correct the CALENDAR, I would like to correctly sync the other two (IPad and IPhone) to read as the corrected computer does. Please.......HELP! Carole Greer

Hi Carole


Ok the first thing you should do is remove your mobile me account from your iphone and ipad.


Now when you get the warning box that mobile me cannot sync are you getting the message on your Computer or on the Ipad and Iphone?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I don't understand. How do I remove my Mobile Me Account from my IPad and my I Phone. You are going to have to spell things out a little more in detail for me. Thanks Carole

Hi Carole


Sorry about that to remove the account the steps below should work on both the iphone and ipad.



From the home screen, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then tap your MobileMe account. Tap Delete Account. (If prompted to do so, choose "Delete from My iPhone" (or iPad/iPod touch). Restart your device. After it restarts, on the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars screen, tap Add Account > MobileMe, and set up your account again.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
On the IPhone I found the account and deleted it, no problem. But on the IPad, under accounts, it doesn't show a Mobile Me Account. Now what? Carole
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

As you said "I've already told you" all of my contacts are in duplicate and triplicate and so are all of my calendar entries on my IPad and IPhone. Mobile Me did this when I put it on originally. So, I don't want that to happen again. Do I need to go back and manually correct them as I did on the computer before reinstalling Mobile Me again and how do I prevent it from doing the same thing a second time. You have not answered my question yet. Please don't mention to me if you get paid or not. If you'll just help solve my problem, you'll get paid. My concern is my problem and don't tell me - "I've already told You". I've come to you for help, not lectures.


Now I need to know about my Contact Lists duplications and my Calendar duplications on my IPhone and my IPad and how to prevent it from happening again. That was my original concern and still is my concern. If you cannot help me, please give my problem to someone that can. Thanks. Carole

Hi Carole,

Sorry I had been pulled away from my computer for a bit, do not click accept on any answer until we have the issue completely solved and you up and running again.

Ok the main reason you have duplicates and triplicates is because of mobile me, if you are syncing data and already had contacts and calendar appoints on your phone ipad and pc when you add mobile me it should ask you if you want to merge the contacts if you do then it copies everything on your device into mobile me and if its already there it makes a duplicate.

Now with your computer is it a PC or a MAC, we will have to make sure the link between it and mobile me is taken down. You should straighten out all your contacts on MOBILEMEs website log into your account there and make your edits to fix your duplicates then you will reestablish the connection with each device

Essentially what you need to do is break your devices from mobileme. you can do it from the iphone as mentioned above. You should be able to do the same on the IPAD if not try this How to remove duplicate contacts on your iPad. Here is how to get rid of them:

Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and tap your account, and slide it to Off.

When prompted, tap Delete from My iPad.

This will clear all the information from the ipad then we will make sure your mobile me account is fixed then reestablish the connection

Go to re-enable syncing step by step:

Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and tap your account to slide the data type on.

When prompted, tap Merge with MobileMe.
Omer and 2 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks. I got everything deleted from the IPad and the calendar from the IPhone, but can't find how to delete the Contacts from the IPhone. How do I do that? Sorry, I am a slow learner on computer stuff and appreciate your help. Carole
Can you tell me what type of computer you are using to sync your iphone with Itunes

Do you have a Windows or Mac based computer?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Omer.....I just checked my IPhone and the contacts are gone. I guess I should go back and correct my calendar. Then reinstall the Mobil Me. Thanks for explaining. It would help all of us out her in "kindergarten land" if they explained what you did in the instructions and that would save a lot of frustrustion. Thanks for your help. I think I have 30 days to get back to you if the solution doesn't work, but for now.....I really appreciate your help. Carole
Carole you can always come back to the question by
the link here

when you post I get an email notification and can hope back on and help

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