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I have a problem with my samsung n130 keyboard. some of the

Customer Question

I have a problem with my samsung n130 keyboard. some of the buttons do not work at all and some that do type the wrong letters. Letter r types as S, letter p types as lp, letter a types as hash and so forth.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  DRobertson replied 7 years ago.

Hi and thanks for writing us here at Please know that to resolve your question may take some back and forth questions and answers. Help us to help you! We are here to help and will do our best to resolve your issue; we are not here to just make money. Also note that we do NOT work for any company and in no way represent them on their products and/or services.


Good morning.


Ok, so there are several possibilities to what might be going on with this issue.


1. First, it could be environmental. If anything was spilled on the keys, then this can cause keys to stick - even if only temporary - and this will cause erratic inputs. Make sure the keyboard is clean of any residue or dust. Also, make sure there is nothing "caught" between keys. I sometimes turn off my unit, turn upside-down with the lead open, and shake slightly to make sure all loose "dust" is out of the keys and between them.


2. Next, physical damage. If the unit has been dropped recently, the keyboard could have one key giving a constant signal and this would cause issues like what we are seeing. Also, the thin small "wire" that connects the keyboard to the motherboard may be loose from it's connector or otherwise "shorted" from damage. To resolve this will involve replacing the keyboard.


3. Next, it could be other programs interfering with proper operations of input from the keyboard. Usually, if you have already done a system restore (has you mentioned in your previous posting), this will resolve this sort of issue. What maybe still going on, is if you immediately installed the same programs back on, then this would put the same issue back in place. The question to be answered here (and please let me know), is, was this issue present just has soon as you had done the restore and before anything else was installed.


4. Next, i could be drivers. This is were a small program that tells the computer how to interpret the keyboards "keys" is corrupt. This is usually resolved with reinstalling the keyboard driver. Once again, a system restore, like you did, would or should resolve this issue. I will advise about this possibly being the issue based on your response to the above #3 question's answer.


5. Next, program remapping of the keyboard. What this is and does, is where a program, for an example, Microsoft Word, is set up to allow you to type in special characters or other language symbols from your keyboard. While this program is running, the keyboard will be remapped to do this for you. Once the program is shut down, the keyboard is suppose to be remapped back to original settings. This can be partly determined by the question: Does the issue happen only when you have a certain program running?


Finally, I am going to have you do two test for me and let me know the results of how the keyboard reacts. Note that this will not fix the issue, but will let me know some key factors.


First test:


Restart or power up the system, if off, and just has soon as you see anything on the screen, start tapping rapidly, 4 or 5 times, the F8 key. Your going to think about just holding it down altogether, but this will cause an error, so please do not do so. Tap rapidly.

We are looking for a menu on the screen that says, "Windows Startup Menu". If you do make it there, then you will use the down arrow key and move down to "Safe Mode" and then tap Enter.


It will eventually get to asking a yes and no question about Safe Mode. Answer yes. Now you will go to your desktop, or if you usually have to log in, then it will ask you to do so.


(To get out of this special mode, shutdown and reboot, and it will go back to normal mode.)


Note also that not everything functions in this mode, and / or may look different. This is ok and normal. Just be sure to test the keyboard and see how keys react.


Test two:


Reboot your unit, and just has soon as you see anything on the screen, look for a key to the BIOS. This cvould be F1, F2, Del, or others. Also, instead of BIOS, it may say CMOS, Setup, System, or Settings. It usually is NOT F10, F11, or F12. Once in here, does it seem that what keys you can use - not all keys can in this mode - do they work correctly?


Please take your time and be sure to answer each and every question I have. I am here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have or issue you run in to while working to answer my questions.


I will advise asap, once I have this data.


Thank you and God bless.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi i have tried the above but the problem is the buttons are not working so nothing is happening
Expert:  DRobertson replied 7 years ago.

Oh ok, I must have misunderstood from your initial posting about "... some of the buttons do not work at all and some that do type the wrong letters. Letter r types as S, letter p types as lp, letter a types as hash and so forth ..."


If the keyboard will not work at all, even when first booting, then it is probably the number two part I posted. It can be the "wire" from the keyboard to the motherboard, or the connector on the motherboard itself.


If it is the connector, it can be simply loose and not correctly inserted in the connector at the motherboard. Removing and reinserting the piece will solve this issue.


If it is actual short or damage, then how can you know for sure which of the two possibilities is the issue?


Well, on your own, the best you can do is purchase a replacement keyboard for the unit. This will solve whether or not it was the wire from the keyboard to the motherboard. If it works, then then it was. If not, then the actual connector is out on the motherboard. If it is the motherboard connector, then this can only be resolved by replacing the motherboard. (or a very willing and trained tech can remove and place in a new connector)


Let me ask:


When did this start?

Once it started, was it constant or intermittent until always?

If always would not work once it started, when you did the full system restore, how did you respond to the keys needed to make the process work?


Finally, a work-around you can try and use, would be to by a USB keyboard and use this in place until such time you can repair the unit.


Please let me know the response to the questions, and I may be able to give a little more insight to if it is the keyboard or motherboard connector.