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How do I reset my HP Compaq 6715b Power on Password This

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How do I reset my HP Compaq 6715b Power on Password?

This is my son's laptop from the virtual school that he hasn't used since last year. He doesn't remember the power on password XXXXX school is starting up again in two weeks!

Please help me!!

Good evening and thanks for using JustAnswer


There are 3 ways to resolve this issue.


1. Contact HP and provide proof of ownership. They will provide you with a method to over-ride the CMOS password.


2. If you are comfortable dis-assembling your laptop, you can remove the cover and find the CMOS battery. You will need to disconnect this battery (keep in mind that a lot of laptop batteries are soldered on), leave it disconnected for a minute, then re connect.


3. Download a tool that will allow you remove the password. Keep in mind that this tool is not warranted by myself, JustAnswer, nor the company that provides it. It is reported to work and has several positive reviews, however. For that tool, click here.


If this has resolved your problem, please be sure to click "ACCEPT". If you need further clarification, feel free to get back with me and I will be happy to assist you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.



Thank you.


I was afraid of this -- I can't get to the bios to change the boot from HD to CD, the prompt for the power-on password XXXXX up first.


I found another online outfit that will sell you the backdoor power-on password XXXXX this laptop doesn't disable the system providing the 5-digit code that they need to give you the password.



I work for HP, but I don't own the laptop, the Minnesota Virtual Academy does.

No, it doesn't disable the system it merely forces you to restart the computer.


If you have the BIOS set to boot to the HDD, and then the CD...but have left booting to the CD enabled there is a way to get around the boot order. Remove the hard drive from the laptop...this will force the computer to boot to the CD as that is the only bootable device.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.



I have an external Velocity CD/DVD drive -- I'll give that a try.


Thanks Jeff -- I've never taken apart a laptop before but I guess if I get in too deep I'll just take it to the school, confess my stupidity and let them deal with it (sigh.)


Can I get a transcript of our session in case I need to refer back to the cmos link you gave me?

You shouldn't need the external drive, I would just leave the internal CD drive in the machine. Only remove the hard drive, allowing you to boot to the CD.


The link should be easy to remember... it's If you do need to refer back to this you can log in to JustAnswer and go to your "My Questions" page.

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