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Someone hacked into my aol account and changed my password.

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Someone hacked into my aol account and changed my password. Now I cannot access my account nor get a live person to help me. I cannot change my password XXXXX the information AOL is asking of me to verify I am the user I do not have any more (old credit card number, etc.) Help!
Hello. Welcome to JustAnswer, a paid global support site.

I would like to start off saying that I am not a representative of AOL. I am just giving you a straight answer as an IT professional.

It is possible that your account has been compromised, most likely due to a low complexity password.

Please attempt to log into your AOL account via the web interface (

If you did not change your password, you cannot log in, and when you try to change your password, the security questions are unfamiliar and/or incorrect, your account may have been compromised by a hacker.

I understand the steps you have taken, but I want to make sure that all avenues are covered. If you have exhausted these options, it is highly unlikely you will ever recover your account.

Please go to the forgot my password page (

If you can get through and change your password, I would suggest using a password XXXXX at least 10-20 characters, with a mixture of UPPERCASE, lowercase, and numbers (1234), preferably alternating (i.e. M1y2p3A4s5S6w7O8r9D). Also make your security questions very difficult to answer. Don't use something as common as mother's maiden name or first child's name. Make the answer very difficult, and I would even suggest throwing in a sequence of numbers at the end of the answer to make it harder for a hacker.

Also, before you log in, look at the address bar of your browser to make sure you are on the right site to log in. (i.e. make sure your address bar says and not something like http:// 123abc. A lot of phishers/hackers have been using the tactic of making a page look exactly like your log on page to trick you into typing your password.

If in doubt, type in the base URL yourself (i.e. in the browser.

If you have went through the resetting the password XXXXX and the answers to your security questions have been changed, unfortunately, it is very unlikely that you will be able to recovery your account, since there is no way to verify your account.

The number to AOL support is 1-888-265-8003, but I will need to forewarn you, unless you have the AOL paid service, there will not be much you can do, because you will not be able to verify your identity.

If you do have AOL paid, verification will be easy because you just need to verify your billing information.

The problem with free e-mail services is that they rely on security question/answer combinations for verification. If you forget these and/or your account is hacked and a hacker changes the info, you have no way to verify your account. With paid e-mail services, you can easily verify your identity by verifying your billing information.

Feel free to ask any questions, as I am here to assist you. Good luck.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks very much for the information. I did try all of the things you suggested. You are right in that I cannot get live help from AOL because I do not have a paid account, and I cannot change my password XXXXX because AOL does not recognize the information I provide online necessary to verify who I am. So, I created a new AOL email address. The final step in this quagmire with which I need your help is getting my old address book on my new AOL account. AOL won't let me do it because I don't have the password XXXXX my old AOL address. Is there any way to get my old email address list on my new AOL account without manually typing all of them? Should I just sign up for a paid AOL program so I can live support for this particular problem? Thanks again.
The only way to get the address book (and any other information) from the old AOL account is.... to log into the old AOL account. It's a horrible Catch 22, but there isn't much you can do.

Unfortunately, no. There is no way to get the old email address list without either logging into the old account or typing the addresses manually.

You can only sign up for the paid AOL for the new email address. The only way to sign up for the paid with the old AOL address is to... (once again)... log into the old account to upgrade.

Unfortunately, this happens thousands of times an hour with all free email services, and there is not much that can be done.

All you can do is prepare and prevent this from happening again with strong security measures.

Feel free to ask any questions, as I am here to assist you.
Mr. Clark and 5 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you!

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