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My cursor is driving me nuts. It keeps scrolling and highlighting

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My cursor is driving me nuts. It keeps scrolling and highlighting even when I let up on the left touchpad button. My driver is Synaptics 9.something and it's doing it right now, every time I move the cursor this text is lighting up. Who uses this crap? it destroys your ability to control the cursor.

To make matters worse, whenever I go to my desktop page, the Intel 945 graphic driver keeps opening a resizable box so that every time I move the cursor I'm defining that box.

Finally, every time I move over an icon it opens the program, no clicks.

This is really getting to me, I almost threw this damn thing through the window just now trying to get rid of the highlighting. Tried everything, Tweaker, folder options and Synaptics driver setting and, according to three programs, no viruses or malware. Also restored to a point before I started having these problems.

If this doesn't sound familiar, please direct to a plain old toouchpad driver that doesn't have a bunch of crappy advanced features you can't shut off and a similarly basic graphics driver.
Hello, are you using a desktop or laptop computer ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
laptop, archos 10 with touchpad.
It sounds like you may have a stuck button on your touchpad.

  • Go to Control Panel> Mouse> Settings tab of the device
  • Click <Enable> (or <Disable> to disable)

Disable the touchpad and plug in a usb mouse and see if you have the same problem If you do not then you will know you have a problem with your touchpad.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
In the process of looking for a UBS mouse; meanwhile, when I go to the control panel and click on the mouse icon, it tells me it can't connect to Synaptics driver because it's not an external device. In other words, it's looking for an external mouse and won't touch the touchpad. Could this be why shuting off auto-scroll, one finger scrolling et al doesn't take?
This is quite possible. In the add remove programs remove the touchpad driver all together. Also go to control panel > system > hardware > device manager and uninstall all the mouse drivers. Restart the computer and a generic driver will be installed. You do not actually need the syntaptics driver at all for your touchpad to function properly. Try this and see if your problem persists
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Did the trick, at least for now. Weird too, cause this was the first thing I did when it started acting up, uninstalled Synaptics with the unfortunate result of losing the cursor. Never thought of disabling and then uninstalling. Problem seems to be too many programs trying to run the touchpad, interferring with each other. Which brings me to a final question: Do you know of any tracking software that logs programs running through the cpu. I've got software that analyses current processes running in background, but nothing that tells what progams were called and retired or the order in which programs were called. For example, what program instructed the mouse function to look for an external mouse?
I am not sure about a specific program that does what you are asking. There are a lot of programs out there and its quite possible there is one out there. I would think that the driver software would have been the program that was calling for the external mouse.