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Engineer John C.
Engineer John C., Computer Science Engineer
Category: Computer
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Experience:  Computer Science Engineer with 10 years of experience in Computer Support, and Microsoft, A+ and Cisco certified
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My AOL is not responding

Customer Question

My Aol keeps saying not responding. Since my other computer is responding to Aol I had the one not responding checked out and nothing was wrong.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Engineer John C. replied 7 years ago.

Hello, I am a Computer Science Engineer. I will be happy to help you.

Possible Solution 1: Restore All Defaults on AOL Browser
1- Open AOL Explorer internet browser
2- Go to Tools, then "Settings"
3- Click "Restore All Defaults" on the bottom left corner
4- Click Save
5- Try and let me know if it works

Possible Solution 2: Clear Cookies and Cache
1- Open the AOL Explorer internet browser.
2- Go to Security, then "Select Footprints to Clear"
3- Select "Cookies" and "Browser Cache" and uncheck all the other options
4- Click the "Clear Selected Footprints" button
5- Restart Windows
6- Try and let me know if it works

Possible Solution 3: Reinstall AOL explorer
1- Go to to download and install the browser.
2- Restart your computer.
3- Check your email again and let me know

Possible Solution 4: Use Another Internet Browser
1- You can use another internet browser as Firefox or Google Chrome
To download and install FIrefox go to:
To download and install Google CHrome go to:

Thank you

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
how can i do what your asking when i can not a the program ti respond
Expert:  Engineer John C. replied 7 years ago.

You are right, I apologize :-(

Let's check if you have malware on your computer:

Download and run Malware Bytes from here:
(click the "Download file" button)

Malmare Bytes it is a FREE application if used at home. Do not click the "Purchase" button

Run it and delete all the malware it may detect