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when i turn my computer on, the power light comes on but, nothing

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when i turn my computer on, the power light comes on but, nothing happens. it seems not to boot up and nothing comes up on the monitor

Hello, what type of computer do you have?



Example: Dell Dimension 2400 (Desktop)
Example: HP Pavilion DV6000 (Laptop)

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
dell inspiron 1705 laptop

Thanks! Please do this for me first...


1) Remove the Battery

2) Remove the AC Adapter

3) Press and Hold down the Power Button for 1 minute

4) Wait 1 minute more

5) Plug in the AC Adapter WITHOUT the battery

6) Power on the laptop


If this works, please turn the laptop back off (AFTER) you boot up to the desktop to turn it off the proper way. Then put your battery back in and turn it back on.



DELL: 1-800-999-3355






Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i tried that, still nothing


When you turn on the laptop, can you hear the fans come on?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
for maybe a second or two, then nothing after that.

Thanks! Well we know its hardware failure. There are only 3 things it could be...


1) Motherboard (I dont think this is the case here)

2) The CPU Processor Chip (This may be your problem)

3) Video Card (Yours is not built in the motherboard for this unit and not the issue im hoping)


We know its not the memory otherwise it would make beeping sounds.












I would suggest since the power light stays on the laptop and does not go back off, that you would replace the processor chip first. If that does not fix it then go for the motherboard, and then to the video card last.


The reason why I deal with ebay is if the part doesnt work or fix it then you can also send it back for a refund.



If you have a local computer shop and can take this in for a Diagnostics Test so they could pin point out the problem that would be best if you know of any local shops that can do it and that would say you time, money, and less of headaches...









1) Click VIEW (Service Manual)

2) Click Processor Module

3) Follow Instructions to replace it



DELL: 1-800-999-3355







Edited by Anthony Brewster on 6/25/2010 at 6:33 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks alot. I wanted to get an idea what was wrong to see if it was going to cost me alot of money. I is a old computer but, it has alot of important things on there. I will try that first. I will also go by the local computer store now that i have an idea what it could be.




Your Welcome! As far as your important data, you can get this off this is not in any danger and still in tact. You can remove the hard drive and hook it up as a USB Device to get your data off if you want to.



If you need anything at all, please ask away! Please do leave feedback after you click on accept and im still here if you need me afterwards!




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