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I have been receiving Mailer-deamon reports to people that

Customer Question

I have been receiving Mailer-deamon reports to people that I didn't send emails to and don't know. Random e-mails have been sent to people that I email advertising Viagra, health product, etc. My computer guy cleaned my system and it still is happening. What's going on? He said many of his customers have been experiencing these kind of problems with you. It's enough to make a loyal customer change service. PLEASE FIX
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Networking101 replied 8 years ago.

Although he may have cleaned it, it still sounds like you have an e-mail worm on your system causing e-mails to go out on your behalf. The best program I have found (which is also free!) is Housecall by trend-micro. Follow this link and download the new version to your system. Let it do a scan and have it fix any problems it finds.


I run this on our work network of 230+ machines constantly and it works wonders!