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David Barrett
David Barrett, Consultant
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I have a lenovo T410. How do i turn the wireless capabilities

Customer Question

I have a lenovo T410. How do i turn the wireless capabilities on and off. I am not able to access my wireless connection. I have had no previous problems. I am thinking this may be the issue. I see no switch nor do i no how to enable radio or wireless adapter.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  David Barrett replied 7 years ago.
For the Thinkpads there should be a soft-switch to enable/disable both wireless and bluetooth. It is present when the Thinkpad is originally shipped, but it may be disabled by wireless driver updates if you have done this.

The soft key is Fn-F5 (hold the blue Fn button, then tap F5). This should open the wireless connection switch window showing the state of wireless and bluetooth, and allowing you to toggle.