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Windows XP has an excellent sound recorder that can merge wav

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Windows XP has an excellent sound recorder that can merge wav files as well as adjust relative volumes of those files and save snippets. This was invaluable when creating narration files with background music. Windows 7 on the other hand just has a brain dead recorder. Does such a capability exist with Windows 7 either from Microsoft or third party?



Try using XMPlay:


Let me know, if that helps.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I downloaded XM Player and tried it and it appears to be an excellent audio player, including the capability of loading multiple files. However I could not find the functionality I need most namely recording, editing and merging audio files.


With the XP recorder I'd first use the record funtion to record narration for a video or whatever. I would then extract a snippet from a music file and save it as a separate file. I would then use recorder to first adjust the volume of the separate files and then merge them into a third file the result being verbal narration with soft, background music. The XP sound recorder did this very well but I have been unable to find something that could do the same with Windows 7 with buying very expensive audio mixing software.

Do you have the sndrec.exe file with you(It will be in system folder of win XP)?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes I do since I'm running Windows 7 and XP in dual boot mode.


I go to XP's System32 folder and run sndrec32.exe and the recorder interface comes up along with an error message says that it cannot record or playback because a sound device is not installed. I close the error message and try to "File Open" with recorder and get an immediate "The program has stopped working" error. However the sound system appears to be OK with Windows 7 since the "brain dead" recorder can record and media player can playback (which I used since the Windows 7 recorder has no playback, or any other, option).

Copy the sndrec.exe from System32 folder of XP to System32 folder of Vista and try to run it. Let me know, what happens.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
As suggested I copied sndrec32 from the XP's system32 to Windows 7's (not Vista) and it comes up along with the error message "There was an error updating the Registry". However I close the error dialog window and recorder seems to run as expected. Is there any concern of Registry damage?
No, it said that it can't update registry. So registry remains unmodified. Hope that helps.
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