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my mothers Embarq 660 series modem keeps losing its Internet

Customer Question

my mothers Embarq 660 series modem keeps losing its Internet connection. I am staying with her briefly and installed my Netgear Rangemax router. She thinks it is making the problem worse, even though it used to happen to her before. I have to keep restarting the modem to get connected again. Her computer is 10yrs old and I am wondering if that is not the issue. Or if perhaps she needs a new modem? We also have the 660 series but ours is packed while we look for a new place to live. I never have problems with mine losing it's connection. Is it her modem or her computer do you think? Thank you...
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Sandy replied 7 years ago.
It can be computer or modem both.

A. If it is modem, please power cycle the modem.
Turn off the modem.
Turn off the computer.
Disconnect all of the cables going to modem.
After 1 minute, connect all of the cables back in.
Now, turn on the modem.
Turn on the computer.

Let us now fix computer.
1. First of all, please check which security do you have on the computer.
2. Most of the time Norton, Mcafee, webroot spyware make the internet connection intermittent.
3. Scan your computer with anti-malware software malwarebytes.

You can download the free version.

4.Remove all of the useless program from the computer.
5.Rest Internet explorer

7.Uninstall the network adapter once.

Click start, right click, My Computer, click Manage, click Continue(if you see any), Click Device Manager on the left-hand side. Now, on the right-hand side, click + sign in front of the Network Adapter. Under Network Adapter, right click on the adapter and click Uninstall and click OK. Now, restart the computer
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Am I reinstalling the IE after I restart the computer? And I should be doing this with the computer that is hooked up to the modem, right? Not the laptop that I am using. I suppose that is a stupid question but I want to make sure. I don't want to be without IE either...So I just want to know that when I am finished with this the IE will be there again somehow. I do think my mom needs a newer computer. Is it possible her computer is just too slow for the newer modem? Thanks for your help
Expert:  Sandy replied 7 years ago.
Sir/madam, we are not reinstalling IE, we are simply resetting it. You can follow these steps on her computer. You can also follow these steps on your computer as well. Your laptop will also start running fast. I understand that you have a modem, router, and two computer. once is your mom's desktop and yours is a laptop and you are facing internet issue on both of the computer. Let me now inform you that you can also power supply your modem, router, computer and laptop. First turn off all of the devices and then disconnect all of the cables(make sure, you remember as you have to connect them back in) and then first turn on the modem, then router, and last on computers.