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how does magic jack work with my cell phone can I be driving

Customer Question

how does magic jack work with my cell phone? can I be driving on the road and make calls? If I am at my cabin, how do I get reception?will I still get a cell phone bill? what about text messaging? Will my children have to pay long distance charges to call me? can I plug in to anyones computer to make my phone call?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Elijah replied 7 years ago.
Katmanr. thanks for coming to Just Answer.

Really you have more than one question, but I understand this- you're trying to get your money's worth. With my credentials, not to be immodest, but you're getting away so much less than dirt cheap, but I'll try to address all of your issues this time.

Firstly, magic jack is not designed to work with cell phones unless you have a bluetooth enabled landline phone that will allow a bluetooth cell phone to connect to it and place calls. Therefore, you could try to make calls in your car this way, but you will be limited by the range of bluetooth communications range (not too far). In this case, normal airtime charges would not apply since there is no charge for using bluetooth communications from your cell phone company.

Your childed will only be charged if there are long distance charges if you have set up you magic jack from one locality and there is a toll charge between their locality and the one you chose to set up your magic XXXXX XXXXXne (unless, they too, use something like magic jack or some other calling plan that does not charge for long or local long distance.

And yes, you can plug into anyones computer to make your phone call as long as they have an internet connection. Keep in mind, the speed of their internet connection quality will have a direct bearing on your call quality. Frankly, I believe I deserve a bonus for going the extra mile in answering multiple questions, but this site is based on the honor system. Good luck!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Well first of all I appreciate your help, but what happens if I shut down my home phone, how or where do I get my internet conn., I have both labtops and pc's.You know, I dont know how my wife at home would use a phone, and me and my kids are in different places on the road. How does this all work? I'm confused I think.
Expert:  Elijah replied 7 years ago.
If your are using DSL, you cannot just down the home line, because DSL is based on landline service. We need to address one issue at time. Please "accept" the answer if I have given valid assistance and I will provide additional help as needed if additional help is required once you have authorized payment for the expertise I have already provided at no extra charge.