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how do I get the DPFMate driver so I can put pictures in a

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how do I get the DPFMate driver so I can put pictures in a photo key chain
Hello, and welcome to Just Answer..

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am one of the experts who will be assisting you!

please plug the keyring into a usb port, then plug it into the computer..

on the back of the digital keyring..

press the menu key to turn on the keyring... ( you may have to hold it down for a few seconds..)

then wait a few seconds and tap the menu button again.. you should now see a menu on the keyring itself..

select the USB connect option

then allow it to connect...

now a screen should come up on the computer that looks like this..
dpfmate photo transfere

click on the top setting for run Run DPFmate.exe

this will install the software.. and you will be good to go..

if you run into any issues. let me know!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have tried all that before, and I just tried it again. A box pops up saying windows does not recognize this driver.
Ok, instead of clicking run.. click the second choice for open the device and view files..

then find the DPFmate.exe file, right click on it, then click on trouble shoot compatibility,.

let me know what happens..
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I managed to find this much out but I don't know what it means. "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code43)
It means that the device wont run on windows 7..

the only possibility is if you have windows 7 ultimate, enterprise or professional..

if you have one of those. you can download and install the xp mode from microsoft..

here is the link to do so..

you may be able to install the keyring in xp mode once you have downloaded and installed it..

( that is after all what xp mode is for)

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I tried to get this working with another computer that was vista and it didn't work with that either. I kept getting the same response as now. Does that mean anything? Maybe the key chain could be defective what do you think?

Its only made to run in xp..

you could try to run it on vista for compatibilty mode for wiondows xp sp 2..

it may work that way..

Or it could be that the device is defective..I have read that people have been able to use it with vista.. Windows 7 is shaky at best..

Is there any way you can get it returned.. or refunded?

Dustin and other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks so much for your help. I will try it on my daughters computer since hers is xp. If that doesn't work then I'll try to take it back. You'd think it would tell you in the directions that it doesn't work with Windows 7 or Vista.
Ok... that sonds good.. If you save this link by doing the following

You may want to press control D , and save this page, so you can come back to it later and not have to start a new question.. which will charge you a new security deposit!

Once saved, you can continue to respond to me, when you try to install it on the xp computer.. I will help you install it on that one if you run into any issues..

thank you for working on this issue with me..