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i need to know how to enable speakers while in safe mode and

Customer Question

i need to know how to enable speakers while in safe mode and i have already restored computer and it still wil not come on unless its in safe mode either can you help me get my speakers on or help me be able to turn on regularly
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  servergeek replied 7 years ago.



I can certainly help you with this problem.


Safe mode is not designed for normal day-to-day usage; it exists to allow a user to boot and fix problems that are preventing Windows from starting normally. For this reason, many services, including "Windows Audio" will not start. The reason for this is that some viruses and other malware usually latch onto functions offered by such services; therefore Windows will not allow them to start, and safe mode is thus useless for everyday computing.


The real issue you're having is why your system won't boot normally, so do this for me:

- Restart your system

- Right when your computer starts, start pressing F8 every second (like you do to go into safe mode)

- Instead of booting into Safe Mode, select "Disable restart on automatic system failure" and boot normally.

- You should get a BSOD (blue screen of death) with a bunch of unreadable nonsense, plus a few lines in plain english.

- Copy down those lines and reply to me with them; I'll figure out why your computer won't boot normally.


Looking forward to helping you further,



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok when my comp starts a screen comes up and i have four choices and three are safe mode and one is normal so you want me to press normal and star pressing f8?
Expert:  servergeek replied 7 years ago.

Alright, sorry about the confusion. Vista does not offer the option I'm talking about. So do this:


Boot into Safe Mode, and when you are in Windows, do this:

- Click on your start menu

- In the "Start Search" box, type msconfig and press Enter

- In the System Configuration window that appears, click on the "Boot" tab

- Uncheck "Safe boot" (if checked)

- Check "Boot log"

- Click OK

- In the prompt that appears, click "Restart"

- Let the computer restart normally, and when it fails, boot again into safe mode

- Copy the file C:\Windows\ntbootlog.txt as an attachment when you reply next.


Looking forward to continuing our session.