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Adam Wright
Adam Wright, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
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I have a new HP computer. CyberLink DVD Suite is installed.

Customer Question

I have a new HP computer. CyberLink DVD Suite is installed. Is this just trial software that I will have to purchase or was it part of the computer purchase price.
Is the CyberLink DVD Suite the same as CyberLink Power2Go 6?
I only want a product to rip and burn legally-purchased cds and downloads from Rhapsody and AmazonMP3.
I also would like a sound editor to edit out silence at the end of a music file, so that there will not be 3-5 seconds in between songs on finished cds I burn . Does CyberLink DVD Suite and CyberLink Power2Go have an audio editor?
Will your product allow me to rip legally-purchased music?
If this is just trial software, how long will the trial last and will I be able to purchase a CD on-line when the trial ends.
I have run several test burns and found the sound quality excellent. I am not computer-literate, but found the software very easy to use.

Thank you for your help.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Adam Wright replied 7 years ago.
The software that comes packaged with new computers varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. I believe that the software in question here is probably an "SE" or special edition version. What this usually means is that although it is a functioning piece of software it more than likely has certain features, that would normally be available in the full retail version, disabled. This is simply the way that most packaged software works. The good news here is that you seem to be happy with it's functionality. The way that you can verify this is to click on the help tab and then click "About". This should bring up a little information box that tells you what version the software is and also whether it is a trial version or not along with how long it will last. My best guess would be that it is in fact no a trial version, but more an SE version that I previously spoke of. On to the next part. The CyberLink DVD Suite the not the same thing as CyberLink Power2Go 6. The CyberLink DVD Suite is a piece of software that allows playback and burning of DVD's, Unfortunately it does not allow for audio editing. I hope that this answers your questions and if so, Please click ACCEPT as that is the only way that I am compensated for my time and effort. If you feel that i have done exceptionally well, feel free to add a bonus. Thank you for allowing me to assist you with your question today and God Bless You.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Adam, you were very helpful, but I thought I was getting a CyberLink salesperson, who could answer my questions. I did not realize you are apparently contracted by CyberLink to answer customer inquiries.

I went to the software help section, but it did not give me a "about" choice. I could see no way to get what version the software is.

I realize you spent time on my inquiry, but I really did not get my main question answered.

I still don't know if it is trial software or not.

How do I refuse payment?

Expert:  Adam Wright replied 7 years ago.
Generally speaking, If the software you are using is trial software, you will have some sort of reminder or popup screen letting you know how much time you have left. Once you click "About", the little screen that pops up will tel you everything about the software you are running. If it was a trial version, you would definitely see something stating that or that it was unlicensed. I am not really sure why you would have thought that I was a CyberLink salesperson since the site I am working through is called That seems to happen from time to time. Nonetheless, I hope you found my assistance today helpful, and if so, Would you please be so king as to click ACCEPT as that is the only way that i am compensated for my time and effort. If you feel that my help was exceptional, feel free to add a bonus. Thank you for allowing me to assist you with your question. God Bless You.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I got your link from CyberLink customer service. They referred me to you. I tried your service because it said I would only be charged if I was satisfied with the answers.

I still don't know if the software is permanently installed or not.

Please give me the choice to refuse payment, so I will not be charged.

That was the agreement.

Expert:  Adam Wright replied 7 years ago.
Okay, If you have done what I asked you to do and watched what i typed you should be fairly confident that it is in fact a working (not trial) version of software that is installed (please refer to the part where I referenced that you would have popups and reminders that you had a non licensed piece of software). If you also would click the Help> About and tell me what is in the window, I will be more than happy to continue working with you until we determine the type or version of software you have. I am not completely sure what exactly you would like me to do as i am unable to see your screen from my end and i do need a bit of help from you to determine these things. Also, You will not be charged anything by me as I stated previously, i do not get paid anything at all for my time and effort unless you click ACCEPT.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have wasted enough of your time and my time.

As I understand you, I will not be charged for this unless I click accept.

I guess doing nothing end this arrangement.

Thank you for trying to help.
Expert:  Adam Wright replied 7 years ago.
That is correct. God Bless You.