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What does stack overflow at line:0 mean?

Resolved Question:

What does "stack overflow at line:0" mean and how do you get rid of it. This appears as a web page message on my igoogle page and you cannot get rid of the error message and it freezes the computer.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  DRobertson replied 7 years ago.

Ok, this MOST of the time is an attempt to hack into your computer. What happens is on the other end, so much data is being dumped to your PC that the computer cannot handle it. A stack overflow will happen when your computer cannot handle it fas enough. SOMETIMES, right after the stack overflow, the other end can access your system. This can be from just being able to download your data to actually being able to remote control it.

If by chance this is not a malicious intent item, then what is going on is that the web page is pushing computer code into a set area of the computer's memory and causing that area to fill up. This would be an error in the way the page was programmed and nothing you did.

Either way it is something you cannot control or fix. What you might be able to do is go into Control Panel and then Internet Options and clear your temp files and cookies. If that does not help, then under Control Panel go to Programs and uninstall anything to do with Google. Reboot and then reinstall the Google stuff again.

Hope this helps some but you need to be careful - it could be an attempt to hack you.

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