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Bob The Geek
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toshiba television TN43V71 keeps powering off then the light

Resolved Question:

toshiba television TN43V71 keeps powering off then the light blinks at the switch. We have to unplug it to reset it. The tv will do this 5 times then finally stay on
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Bob The Geek replied 7 years ago.

Is the tv plugged into the wall, directly, or do you have it going into a surge protector?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
tried all three problem remains consistent. cable box wall outlet surge protector. It is definately the tv itself
Expert:  Bob The Geek replied 7 years ago.

And it is exactly 5 times, every time and then it works. How long will it work after that? Does this only happen when it has been off for a long period of time, such as over night?





Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no any time it has been off 1/2 hour or over night. no sometimes it's only 2 times others it's five. my guess is it's getting worse. once it's on it does not shut off unless turned off. Maybe I should just leave it on? don't let that be your answer( just kidding)
Expert:  Bob The Geek replied 7 years ago.

LOL. No that will not be my answer.


It is likely an issue with the main transformer inside the television itself. Of course, this is something that needs to be repaired by a professional since there is a latent charge in the TV that can be dangerous if you open it up yourself.


However, before you do that, I would get a can of compressed air and blow out all of the vents and areas on the back of the TV. Pull it out from the wall a bit too. Then try it again. You may just have some dust issues causing the short.


Let me know if you have more questions.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Any chance of more detail? I imagine if I unplug the tv and work in a grounded environment I could probably replace the defective part. I am open to doing this as long as what I replace repairs the problem.
Expert:  Bob The Geek replied 7 years ago.

I don't know the actual part numbers of your television (I tried finding the service manual online). Check your manual, if you still have it. Sometimes they will have a parts blowout diagram.


You are looking for either the main transformer (basically the thing the outlet plug runs into) or there is also a fuse in the TV that is meant to prevent excessive damage in the case of a power surge (I believe its called a pico fuse). You may want to replace that first, as it will be cheaper.



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