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How can I import a MSN_Mail.msnbak file into live mail

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How can I import a MSN_Mail.msnbak file into live mail?



Thank you for posting your question. Please read the posting below to resolve your issue.


You can't. MSNBAK can only be used to import back into MSN Explorer.
> Here are the procedures for getting access to the mail within MSN Explorer and
> having it appear in Windows Live Mail (or other email program):
> The email files are all stored within the user profile folder. For 9.0/9.1 and
> 9.5/9.6 they are slightly different. In 9.0/9.1 they can be found here:
> C:\Documents and Settings\{userID}\Local Settings\Application
> Data\Microsoft\MSN\db\
> In 9.5/9.6, change \db\ to \db30\
> In order to see the folders and the files within them, you need to set the
> Windows Explorer options to show hidden files and folders and possibly system
> files.
> Inside this db30 folder, you will find files with an extension of .sdf - ignore
> these. You're interested in the ones that look like: username-msn-com.1a0, 1a1,
> etc.
> and also within the folders \Mail(MSN user ID)\ with extensions of .000,
> starting with stm0x...
> You can copy and rename these files to have an extension of .eml.
> Double-clicking them will open them in Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Windows
> Live Mail, depending on what's installed and the default handler for .eml files.
> You can then move them to a folder in OE/WM/WLM if desired for future access or
> import into MSN mail, or you can send them back to yourself for filing within
> the MSN client program.
> On 10/5/07, "ComputerGuy" posted this tip in the MSN Discussion newsgroup:
> " is one little piece of advise. After renaming about 50 of the thousand
> plus emails it hit to me to just go into windows explorer, tools, folder options
> and add file the file extension of .000 and give it the same properties as a
> ...eml file thus saving me hours of having to rename all the files. Not really
> needed when it is only a couple of messages but when there are hundreds or even
> thousands of files, this will save much pain and suffering."
> And, Earle H. offered an additional tip:
> Open a Command Prompt (Start/Run/cmd) and navigate to the folder that you copied
> the contents of the \db30 folder to and type the following command -
> REN *.000 *.EML
> And then press enter. This will rename all files in that folder with an
> extension of 000 to now have an extension of eml.

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