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I log into facebook and it wont accept my password,yet I ca

Customer Question

I log into facebook and it won't accept my password,yet I can go to my desktop running windows xp and have no problem with the exact same password,,When I try open a video on youtube the hourglass just keeps on in the wait mode and I have to close down and start over,keep getting (windows explorer not responding),I also get emails that the video won't open but will on my machine running Windows XP.the same thing occurs,hourglass just keeps spinning and spinning,have to close and restart,it seems to be a problem with Windows 7???
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  David L replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for contacting Just Answer.

So next, if the same issue is occurring with both Internet Explorer and Firefox, update your antivirus software then run a full antivirus scan as it sounds like there may be malware on your computer.

Then after the scan reboot the computer and try the same web sites again.

If still an issue then in IE do the following:

Open Internet Explorer then from the Tools menu, select Internet Options then choose the General tab. Under Browsing history, click Delete. Next to "Temporary Internet Files", click Delete files. Click Close, and then click OK to exit. Restart IE.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I didn't get your answer back ,so this morning I contacted Dell because my laptop was only a month old and still under warranty,they put me thru to a tech rep who determined that a virus had taken over my computer,they took over my computer from their site nd did 55 minutes of work with me assisting and supposedly fixed the problem,so far so good,I just logged on when I got your answer so I don't think I need it,If I do I will accept but for now I decline.

Thank You

Brian J

Expert:  David L replied 7 years ago.
Glad you found a solution. Just let me know if you need more assistance. Thank you for contacting Just Answer.