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My computer screen on my Dell went black this morning when

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My computer screen on my Dell went black this morning when I went to use it.
I've noticed that in the past 72 hours the computer had a funky tint to it every time I used it, but didnt think it was nothing until now this has happened.

When I push the restart button, Windows comes for 3 seconds, then the screen goes black, but I can barely see something going on in the background.

Please help.

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Can you supply the model number of your Dell please?


Also, if it is a laptop, are you able to see the screen better if you shine a flashlight on it?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
DELL XPS M140 Laptop. When i push it to turn on, it shows the Windows logo for a second, but the whole Windows graphic seems like it has a pinkish tint to it, and then it goes black... I cant even see nothing no more. It sounds like its processing, but at like a much slower than normal speed.
By chance, did you shine a flashlight on the screen to see if you can see the desktop?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I just put a light up close to it and saw the Windows graphic

If you are still able to see the screen with the flashlight, this means is the lamp/backlight for the LCD screen has gone out and needs to be replaced. This is typically a repair for a computer repair shop, unless you are comfortable with opening up the screen and replacing the part.


The part is not expensive and can be purchased fairly easily. Here is one for sale at Ebay:


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