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Dustin, Computer Support Specialist
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I have been using Quicken 3 for windows for years, and want

Customer Question

I have been using Quicken 3 for windows for years, and want to upgrade with out having to start all over. Can this data be converted to Quicken 2010 or Quickbooks
2009 or 2010 in a simple manner?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Dustin replied 7 years ago.
Hello , and welcome to Just Answer!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am one of the experts who will be assisting you today!

Converting data files in the newer version of quicken are simple and easy..

Quicken 3 is an old DOS program.. If you want to import Data from that program into one of the newer windows based quickens.. here is what you need to do..

( first, to be safe, backup your whole quicken folder thats on your computer by copying it )

then on the copied folder perform this operation..

  1. Start the Quicken for Windows program.( quicken 09 , or quicken 2010)
  2. If the Open Quicken File window does not appear, choose Open from the File menu.
  3. Locate the Quicken for DOS(quicken 3) data file in the Open Quicken File window, and either double-click the file name or choose it, and click OK.
  4. Click the OK button when prompted to convert the file.
  5. After the file is converted, Quicken will open the converted file.
Now, all your data should be imported.. If something went wrong, thats why we did this on the copied folder..

If you need any assistance with the install or upgrade process, im only a message away!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I followed the information and got to convert your Data file. Response was Quicken will convert the data ( Quicken 3) to Quicken 2009 format automatically. Continued and next response was unable to convert automatically Go to product & Costomer Service. If I remember I have went down this path a number of times to no avail? I am back to where
I started. There has to be an easier way for conversion?????

I have Quicken 2009 & also Quick Books Pro 2009
Expert:  Dustin replied 7 years ago.
Hmm, if it was unable to convert automatically, then it may be the data file is corrupted..

Conversion should be as easy as i mentioned.. so lets try to verify the daya file for corruption..

You did make a copy of it yes? So we wil be working with the copy only..

before that, lets make sure, that your using quicken 3.4

if not, then that is why it wont convert,, you will have to convert the files up to 3.4 first, and then convert to windows, and if your at quicken 1 you will have to go to quicken 2

for example

quicken 1 > convert to quicken 2 then
quicken 2 > convert to quicken 3.4 then
quicken 3.4 convert to new windows quicken ( any version )

the data file must be converted through each stage to get it to convert..

If its not converting this may be the issue.. so if you could verify what version of quicken you are using..

You may need to download for free , quicken 8 for dos first.. here is a link to a page where you can download it..

quicken 8 for dos, is the top download link..

( also take notice, sometimes the data files can be a pain, and require different versions of quicken first to translate the data .. i can walk you through this, and once you get the data into windows format, you wont have to go through this process again)

So first, lets stat with making sure what version you are using.. and then lets go with downloading quicken 8 for dos first, loading your data file into that ( conversion) and then try converting from quicken 8 to window quicken..
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
YOU have lost me, I thought I was using Q3 for windows then you come up with convert to Q2, then to Q3.4 then to newer version. I will try Q-8 for dos as you sugested and see what happens.

Researching I concluded the version I have is a windows version 3, it states Data can be auto converted from DOS Versions 3, 4, 5 and 6 & windows 1 & 2. I have used this for 15 years and never had the trouble like now. I will go back, I think I have a Q 2000 program & maybe a newer one besides the 2009. Again I could find nothing pertaining to 3.4 version??
I found a Quicken Version 6 for windows-6 disks I never used this dated 1996??? I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to start all over with newer version_ If so what would be the best to be compatible with the Older version??
Expert:  Dustin replied 7 years ago.
Ok, i think we are having a disconnect.. I think what i said earlier was unclear..

I dont want you to actually use the older versions, just use them temporarily to update the files..

First.. tell me, what is the extension for your data file..

  • QDT (primary file)
  • QMT
  • QDI
  • QNX
any of these look familiar?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

YES: They are familar Has QDT DATA FILE
QMT-QDI-QNX- and also QST

Also have a Quicken Dlx 2005 program that I found
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What happened, I received no reply to my last E-Mail. I see when you reply I get it at 1:00
am in the Morning. Are you in Cal Or farther west. I have to wait to reply so maybe my last Reply was waylaid???Customer
Expert:  Dustin replied 7 years ago.
Im sorry, The last email didnt update on my screen, this one did though, and now i see two..

Thank you for the second reply or I may not have noticed it at all!

Im glad you were able to verify the file types, that points us to exactly which version of quicken you were using, and hopefully will smooth out the upgrade process..

note on this page

under the selection further down for Quicken Win 1 and 2 (DOS 3-5)

the file types match your file types..

Ok, the quicken 2005 deluxe should provide a good intermediate conversion for the files..

Makes sure to only do this with just the backup files.. Install the quicken 05 into a different folder then the other quicken.. Then go to this link below and follow procedure B

If you get stuck let me know, ill keep an eye on this thread..
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
DUSTIN: I loaded 2005 onto this computer and used backup from Old Quicken 3
went soso till conversion says disk not ready or cannot open. I even went back to a older backup and same thing happened. I can access the data on the disks, Both Floppy & Flash Drives but Q will not connect. The computer where I have the Q3 is not internet
connected , and I dont want to test on that and lose what I have been using. Again I say maybe best to start all over. I probally have spent more time tyring to convert than starting all over???? Its just that I use a lot of Govermental Codes and would have made it easier???
Please Advise
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
PS: I am pressed for time this afternoon so will not replay again til Tomorrow.

Thursday Jan 7, 2;25 Eastern Time
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Back again and have tried numerous times with same results a couple times it said files restored but got nothing.

I cannot believe this can't be a simpler transition some how
Customer Louie Morse MMC, This is a Master Municipal Clerk Designation # XXXXX in Michigan to Be awarded this and less then 300 worldwide, so I have been around but have never been as frustrated as this conversion process. probally should have upgraded years back but Q3 done the job and just kept using it. I did try to load it to another computer but said the program files were missing some componets so just left it the way it was . Tried to find a Q3 program but its so old nothing came up??
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
In the meantime I dug ot an old computer with Quicken 2000 and with my data intact on it, and don't know if this helps or not it has data up till 2007 . I think I converted this a while back but it is running Windows 98 and I just left as was???

Did You give up on me?????
Expert:  Dustin replied 7 years ago.
I didnt give up on you.. I apologize for the long delay.. I had to purchase a new laptop as the one i was using finally died.. Took a few days to find a replacement..

Before we continue, i would just like to suggest that i could help you contact quicken, and have then convert the files to the newest format.. ( for a fee)

Now.. a little info about quicken..

Theres a standard reason why quicken files wont upgrade easily after years roll by, quicken is a business, they want you to buy their products, they make sure to change file formats every few years, and the conversion tools never work on programs that are far younger.. Will they admit that they do this intentionally, no.. But its the nature of a software business like quicken who has the market cornered with no real competitors..

Now onto fixing your issue.. You said you had a version of 2000 with your data intact..

The problem we are having is your other version of quicken is too old, and it doesnt want to upconvert like it should,.. Quicken 2000 is slightly newer i believe.. And that one may convert directly to 2009, ive read a few people that have done so successfully..

Lets re-direct our efforts there..

on the computer with quicken 2000, you should have these file extensions

  • QDF (primary file)
  • QSD
  • QEL
You will need to copy all the files with those extensions on the quicken 2000 containing computer..... Onto the quicken 2009 contaning computer..

Then, make sure the files are in the same folder as quicken 2009

Then, do not open quicken 2009, go into the folder you just deposited the older files, and double click on the QDF file..

It should open quicken 2009, and start the conversion / load itself..

Let me know how this comes along..

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I relize why they don't want you to Convert but I have been a faithful buyer of their products for years.
I tried to follow the last information but could only come up with QDF file Extension. Again I have tried to back up & convert on all the information you gave me. The one backup called for three Floppys & could not read all of the first one. I am still working on this but will be tied up for a couple days & will get back to you then.
Expert:  Dustin replied 7 years ago.
Ok.. at some point, you may need to either send the files to someone to try and convert them for you and save time, or possibly, you can even pay Intuit, the makers of quicken, to convert the data..

We will keep trying for now though, and once again i apologize for the difficulty of the process..