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My computer (monitor) keeps going into power save mode and

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My computer (monitor) keeps going into power save mode and turning off the monitor. Computer still running. I have checked, changed settings in power options, even deleting the old settings, renaming the computer and resetting the power option scheme, but nothing helps. Ran monitor trouble shooter which says device is operating properly.

Computer and monitor are Dell. Were working fine last night. Problem started first start up this morning.
The moniter is not going into power save mode it is the PC there is a coin cell battery inside the tower attached to the mother board you have to replace it I am giving you the general instructions on how to do it if you are not confident then do not try it just take help from some one else who have done this type of job earlier and then change the battery.

open the case of your computer;
- visually locate the motherboard (the main electronic circuit board) of your computer;
- visually scan the motherboard for a button-cell battery (it looks like a digital watch battery, but a bit larger);
- remove this motherboard battery from your computer;
- restart your computer: it should now power up normally (you may get some warning messages during the start-up sequence, but ignore them);
- set the date and time of your computer using the "Date and Time" control panel;
- you can now use your computer normally, but you will lose date and time settings when you disconnect the computer power cord, since there is no motherboard battery present to store them;
- take the motherboard battery to an electronics store and get a replacement;
install the new battery in your computer;
- restart your computer, and set the date and time again; the settings will now be saved using motherboard battery power.
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