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Russell H.
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cannot log on hotmail

Resolved Question:

cannot log on hotmail
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Russell H. replied 7 years ago.
Hi - please provide further details ( your question currently does not show either Windows type/version, nor browser used to try to login to Hotmail... also I would like to know, do you type in your password XXXXX time, or store it? and, do you have an internet connection i.e. can you access other websites just fine, and can the web page appear properly?)
Also, try retyping your username. Misspelling that (as well as your password) can cause your problem.
AND: Make sure that you don't have CapsLock on! to tell, see if your username comes out LIKE THIS, IN ALL-CAPS. If so, hit the CapsLock key once to turn CapsLock off. Then try again.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i log on through ,my email address would come up i then click on sign in , my password XXXXX XXXXX i have no problems with any other internet sites, yes the page appers proper. i have tryed retyping my user name as well as my password

my other email address works fine, both myself and my wife use hotmail

Expert:  Russell H. replied 7 years ago.
Right. Well, sometimes both Hotmail and Yahoo Mail (in my experience with both of them for the last 10+ years or so) have a brief server outage sort of problem (which is in such cases at their end.) The thing to do to deal with that is, to just try back later.

That is, about a couple of hours later. Once it has been longer than that, then you have to look into some options, where Hotmail is concerned:

1. Maybe you do have a genuine password XXXXX username problem. The username could have been canceled / erased for some reason - to confirm/deny this, try sending a test email from your other email address to your hotmail address.
If that email does not provoke a 'Bounce' message back (usually from the address postmaster @ ) within 2 hours, then your account, with Hotmail, for that username still exists and functions (as far as receiving email goes.) (If you get a bounce message back, then for whatever reason your account has been suspended or closed... in which case, email Hotmail's help address to try to find out why / get it reversed.)
As for a genuine password XXXXX try the password XXXXX option for hotmail - click on the link just below the password XXXXX box for hotmail, that says in blue type, "Forgot your password?" and follow the instructions... but only if you have verified that your account with Hotmail still exists/functions, first.

2. If - I say If - your password XXXXX mechanism doesn't work, then try to
- A. log in from some other computer, other than the one(s) you usually use. Just to make quite sure it isn't a local problem to your computer - if it is, you could have spyware or adware or a keystroke logger, in which case you should scan that computer quite thoroughly with both antivirus and antispyware/antiadware scanners... for the latter I recommend the best, XXXXX XXXXX fewest drawbacks, Spybot Search And Destroy 1.6[.2] from
- B. contact Hotmail, humbly, explaining clearly up front what account you are asking about, who you are, and some basic information about the problem, and asking if it can be resolved, offering to prove your identity as needed. Don't expect a quick reply, but this can often work out, within a week or less' time.

If this answers your question, and helps with the problem, then click once on Accept for this Answer (only then will I be paid, by diversion of my share from the funds you have already deposited with Thanks.)
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