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Hi on a dell inspiron 1520 Had a dell tech replace the inverter.

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Hi on a dell inspiron 1520 Had a dell tech replace the inverter. I now get a error code 0414 inverter cable not detected. Any way to reset it?

It is likely ajar or slightly unplugged. there is not a reset software process.

you can check it yourself if you like.

there will be a main cable connection for the whole lcd screen that is easily accessible under the keyboard. pry off the part right under the monitor and above the keyboard. under there you will see 4 keyboard screws, remove them and lift it up and you can check the cable connection

if that is seated, then you need to remove the bezel around the lcd screen. take off the rubber bumpers and there are screws underneath. remove them and pop off bezel. the inverter should have two plugs on it, one main flat cable to the pc to the lcd and one one to the bulb.

check the connection

best of luck....

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have done that. The computer hangs in P.O.S.T. the screen looks fine, it bengins to load the stops and hangs. Will not boot to windows. Will not boot to recovery disk. I even attempted to completely reinstall windows. It will not do that. I have no problem with paying a little extra if this problem is resolved.


Is there a way to force boot it? It will not even boot all the way in safe mode.


Thanks for your help

If you have already checked the connections, and you just had the inverter replaced, then it has probably gone bad. sometimes they will work at first then fail during the "burn in" period.

based on our conversation you could probably replace the inverter yourself. it just screws in and plugs in. there is no soldering involved. jsut dont try to replace the lcd or backlight.

but i am usually able to start a laptop without having any working lcd screen installed at all. are you sure you dont have a video card issue? what made you think the inverter was bad in the first place?

the is no way you can force the machine to pass through POST or Safe mode.

but i dont understand, if you are hanging on post, you could never even get to the option for safe mode?????

either way if it detects bad
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I am able to get it to the load options through the Dell disk. I loads all the way to the loading line--- before the windows password XXXXX then just stops.


I can run the dell diagnostics and it give me the error code. I acts like it has a driver conflict.

if you have a hardware issue, it may fail while enumerating the devices in the machine. it basically is looking at what all you have and trying to decide what driver to use to display video, etc, and it is likely hanging because it cant lock the drive on the defective video device.

you may have a bad video card.

again, what made you decide to replace the inverter ?

Try disconnecting the video cable totally from the motherboard and use an external monitor and see what happens
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I didn't it is my aunts computer a local tech shop told her it needed one and replaced it. Theay had it forever and my aunt got it back and asked me to look at it. I do not know the initial reason. Dell replace the hinge and the local tech replaced the inverter. The screen works fine until it tries to finish loading windows. I will try the external monitor here at lunch time. Thanks for your help. I will pay you for your time. I'll check back after lunch.

given that you have run the tests and it says cable not attached, i would say that it could have a bad video card and its not detecting the whole video assembly properly (lcd/inverter/backlight), or it could be a bad cable or one that was damaged during inverter replacement.

i wouldnt put any weight in their diagnosis of an inverter. it is just the cheapest part to replace while still getting labor $.

the cheapest thing woudl be to get a pc with a bad motherboard from ebay and swap the whole monitor assembly on, its just screws and a video and antenna cable.

then if it still doestn work swap out the video card.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

ok It does the same thing with an external monitor as it does with the screen connected.


It had a bad inverter cable that is why they replaced the inverter and cable

Hi I am typing on phone now but I'll be back online tonight.

Did it properly work at all when she got it back??

Edited by Carl Poersch on 10/29/2009 at 7:57 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Um I grabbed a hard drive from another laptop I had laying aroud and booted from the dell disk re-installed windows and it works fine? Any ideas why I could not do the same with the other one
when you said "I now get a error code 0414 inverter cable not detected" i was assuming you were running diagnostics on the laptop.

that message would not come up as part of a normal install or boot process.

you may have an intermmitent fault and got lucky.

the hard disk should have nothing to do with it. especially if you werent able to boot to a recovery disk.

but if the initial install was bad that can hang it, a bad driver or different version of a driver could be more sensitive...
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
well I realy don't know I have had no issues with this hd. I don't understand. Why is it running fine with a fresh install. On a seperate HD and not at all on the other hd!
use some cloning software and clone the image back to the first drive and see if it works.

i am not sure either.

put back in the old drive and try to pass POST and/or boot in safe mode and see if it still fails...
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Tried that and it did fail. Put the reformatted drive back in and it worked fine!!!

that is totally inexplicable.

but that happens sometimes in computers....

so you mean whether formatted or cloned or in any form, the original drive hangs the boot? its just so odd that it gives that cable message...
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It hangs when loading. I get the error message when I do diagnostics. I would have thought that it would not matter but it works great with the new HD. Oh well it works that is all that matters!
Alls well that ends welll....