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Russell H.
Russell H., Computer Systems Expert
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Printer stopped printing pdf files from the internet I am not

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Printer stopped printing pdf files from the internet I am not on a net work Printer prints allmother files

Thank you for the question. It sounds like you need to re-set your print properties from within Adobe Acrobat. You will want to open up a PDF file, then go to File -> Print Setup, and then select your printer from the printer name option. If everything else is working fine, it seems to be that your printer may have been lost in Adobe and you just need to re-select it. Please let me know what you find. Thanks again!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I tried what you said . Sorry my printer still gets an error and will not print the pages

I have this 6 page pdf file from the web I use outlook express

I tried other pdf files and the same

Can you tell me what the error says? Thanks,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The error is on my printer not the file The printer set up is ok on my Minolta

laser printer The error only occurs when I try to print pdf files.. Why i do not know. Keep sending me e-mail answers as I out of my ofice several hours a day on business.. Now when I go to properties in xp and hit Adobe it comes up blank

I tried to install 9.1 but it will not install.... I also have Elements5 which is ok

could i try to install a past version ?

Do you have Adobe Reader, or some other kind of Adobe software (too)? If so, try uninstalling Reader then rebooting, then intall ver. 9.1... Adobe website has a good uninstaller utility if you look for it, best use that.
Let me know how it goes. Thanks.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have Adobe reader 9.1.3 Plus

Adobe reader 9.1.3cpsid49522 plus many other Adobe programs such as elements

and acrobat

you suggested i unstall from Adobe web site rather than in windows

I will try the website .

Do I uninstall both Readers, reboot and install ver 9.1 ?

I just want to receive your answer before I do so

Yes, find the Uninstall tool issued by Adobe corp and download it - it & other details are at or linked from there - then use it, on BOTH versions of Acrobat Reader (but NOT on the other Adobe applications!) and then reboot, then install Adobe Reader anew, then try to view/print a PDF document, and see how that works. (Sorry for the delay responding.)

If it helps with the problem and answers your question/issue properly, by all means click once on Accept for this call, in that case. Thanks.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have been scamed I followed your directions and went to the site on the web you requested to uninstall I followed all instructions and installed the programe ITwould not let me registed unless i subscribed to their programe througe registration

I charged my( So the installation could be completed) master card for $44.90 and then I was to receive an e-mail with my registration number wich never came ! The registration # XXXXX to let me complete the uninstall of Adobve 9.1The only thing i have is a receipt for the charge Now i have to wait 48 hours to await a reply from this uninstall company

QIWANG COMPUTER I am still in a bind .What gives I was under the inpression it was your site Why cant I use your site to uninstall ?


PS i installed 9.1 on Aug 17 and soon afterward the printer balked

at printing PDF files I have waisted hours today Sat 09/12/09 2 : 37 Pm


PLEASE HELP ME as I must re E-mail the PDF letters to a friend so he can print them out


I don't understand how you got involved with a disreputable-sounding company named "Qiwang computer" - sounds like you got scammed, yes, but intrinsically a website that truly was off of [etc.] could not have been other than Adobe authorized. Are you sure you were not redirected somehow by adware or malware on your machine??
Adobe would not, repeat, would not, charge you for use of their uninstall utility! 'Why do I assure you of this?' - because I have used it myself, and have recommended it for use to others, and both I myself and they were not asked nor charged about it, period.
If you did not have enough discernment to avoid a scam, I cannot warrant against it, I am sorry to say, though I do sympathize.

If you wish to scan for adware/spyware, use - the utility Spybot Search & Destroy version 1.6
(and not something else or something like that, and not something that requires registration or a charge, SS&D is free repeat free without repeat without registration.)
I heartily recommend that before you undertake anything further according to my or other instructions, that you use SS&D 1.6 to scan and eliminate spyware & adware hazards from your computer. If you need instructions, I can give more details, but be sure to not the details I have already given you, and not fall for anything strange again. SS&D 1.6 is free and untrammeled and I have used it, and recommended it, for literally years without one complaint (of mine, or of anybody else's.)
Russell H., Computer Systems Expert
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 10811
Experience: 13+ years experience
Russell H. and 6 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks This was charged to my master card & as soon as i receive the statement I will dispute the charge as i have a sterling credit score'

Ok a pal of mine came over and mamaged to uninstall Adobe 9.1 thrugh

the computer I will down load your advice to rid this mal soft wear and then install Flash player and reader . Strange ,I have Spybot & Norton to stop

these intrusions But I rekon this miscreant sneaked in passed my shields

I will once again reply to you when i can print PDF with ease

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok I am back in business PDF e- mail printed 7 pages as I downloaded Flash & Reader


listen to this when I went to Adobe down load web site the page listed

download etc and I desided to check IT was the same company asking me

to charge my card for an Adobe down load

You should alert your guys as to this Co. that lists on the web page to down load Adobe products.... This is on Google & Bing !


Thanks I also did a update on Spybot

Hm. Well, I guess I should have rechecked that web page's subsequents! I apologize. I trusted an Adobe website to link properly to Adobe stuff (they would never charge for use of their uninstaller, I really don't think.) Let me check on this...
... OK, the URL I gave you is probably somewhat bogus. I will not use it again! The uninstaller software I was thinking of was for Adobe Flash Player (plug-in) not Adobe Reader, I was hurried. If it solved your problem, good, but this is the real McCoy, just to put it on record:
where I just tested downloading the uninstall_flash_player.exe file, and it completed quickly and properly without demanding any charge of me, nor involving any Chinese co. I clicked on the link for

"Download the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller: (This link is arrived at properly by a search from within's web pages for Adobe Reader, rather than from a general search engine like Google.)
(Note the URL address of the link to download is

I stand corrected; this sort of thing confirms me in my tendency to a policy of testing a download by doing it myself before recommending it.
But ultimately, I am glad your problem is fixed. By all means dispute that c.c. charge! Good wishes for the future.