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James Carter
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Is there a scam currently going on involving Adobe Flash Player

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Is there a scam currently going on involving Adobe Flash Player V-9 updates. I recently received a popup advising I needed to download V-9 for my pdf features to continue. I did so paying for 2yr. basis membership via innernet. Username Assigned me BN88S4, password XXXXX Was never able to download the offered program, systsem allowed dhange of password XXXXX I did for MY convenience, changed to UN--Customer, password XXXXX I requested help at the support site given [email protected], however no response to date. To complicate things a little, am a computer dumby, certified!!! Help.

thanks for your question.

if yo uneed an flash player upgrade, you can get it from this official website.

just download and install it.. and restart your computer.

Please Accept
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Jim C.: As you can see, I am a computer dummy of the highest order, not to mention a bunch long in the tooth. I had been trying to get a Adobe system to load so my Photo shop function would work properly. By the time I got Adobe 9 into my computer, Adobe 10 was announced a just out. I tried to telephone the Adobe help line, and got one of those smart ass Indian guys that is a big ultimate problem to the industry. I was feeling a little abused by the computer industry at this point after paying for something that was superseded, so I went to the Adobe help site (I thought) and got the "Just Answers" site. The way things happened, it appeared "Just Answerers" somehow hijacked my attempt to get to the Adobe people. So, the computer industry again screws someone, but only for a few bucks. That is my impression, right or wrong.


To be as straight forward with you, I believe the computer industry is forcing the government to get involved simply to maintain some honesty ad stated within the industry. As most of us realize, this would be governments opportunity to open another tax revenue streem and ultimately destroy what has been beneficial for everyone, through overregulation and just plain crooked government as we now see it. It may look as I have overreacted here, and if so you have my apologies.