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I have lost a dvd disc inside my toshiba laptop!! Put it in

Customer Question

I have lost a dvd disc inside my toshiba laptop!! Put it in to watch the movie and it wouldn't play. Ejected to disc thing you load the movie on to take back out and try reloading and the disc wasn't there anymore. It's lost inside my laptop somewhere. I need help please!!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Andy replied 7 years ago.
Hello !!

Were you able to open the tray of the DVD Drive where you put the disc on ?

Was the disc missing from that tray ?

Are you able to load other disc and play them ?

When did you buy this computer

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I bought it at Best Buy last month, July 18th. Didn't sign on for Geek Squad :(. Yes I can open the disc drive and yes the disc was missing from the tray. Loaded another disc and it loaded but could not see the picture on the screen.
Expert:  Andy replied 7 years ago.
Hello !!

Now the CD Drive is a seperate unit fitted in the laptop. Just like the hard drive

Now its possible that when you placed the disc on tray you did not push it well to plug it on the tray.

So the disc is right now inside the CD Drive unit. It will not affect other parts of computer.

But if the disc breaks inside it, it may cause some short circuit and that might affect rest of computer.

In either of case, your best option is to first call up Toshiba and tell them that you fitted the disc correctly. Still it went missing inside the CD Drive. They will repair your laptop for free in warranty. All Toshiba laptops have 1 year warranty.

Dont try to open anything or take it to anyone else. You may end up voiding the warranty and loose lot of money.

Feel free to ask any question or concern you may have. I will be glad to help you.



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