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does magic jack work on my extension phones

Customer Question

does magic jack work on my extension phones
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Molinari replied 8 years ago.

HiCustomer Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer.


Kind of:

You can plug a cordless base station into the magicJack and use several cordless handsets throughout your house.


You can also use a phone splitter with the magicJack and plug multiple corded phones into the magicJack.


A phone splitter is available at your local drug store, hardware store or consumer electronics store


NOTE: You might have to use a powered USB hub if several phones are used to generate more power from the USB port.



To use existing phones that are on the wall however:


magicJack was not designed to be hardwired throughout your home. However, many magicJack users have been successful with this type of wired installation.

In order to set up your wiring so that magicJack can feed and ring your phones plugged into the wall phone outlets please do the following:

  1. Locate the telecommunications or phone box where your landline comes into your home. In a house this box is usually located on the outside of the house or in the basement. In an apartment it can be located in a closet, laundry room, or storage room; you may require the approval of the building or apartment owner.
  2. You disconnect the line coming in from the phone company and then connect a phone cord from where the phone company line was connected and then plug the other end of the phone cord into the back of your magicJack.

This will diconnect your landline from ringing the wall Jacks. If you want them both to work you will have to buy a splitter

Please be aware that you may have to purchase an AC Powered USB Hub to plug the magicJack into to provide enough power to feed all the phones connected to the wall jacks throughout your apartment or house.

HELPFUL HINT: We recommend that you use newer telephones; older phones require more power to ring. Also, the USB port on your computer or the AC powered USB Hub may not provide enough power to ring the phones if they are older models.

NOTE: magicJack does not take responsibility for this type of installation.